Monday, December 17, 2007

Update and some new pictures

I had my 6th radiation treatment today. There isn't much to update on at the moment. I am feeling no side effects so I am thankful for that. The worst part is still the drive. So much time on the road. I love my doctors there. They are so nice and friendly. Everyone is alway shocked by the fact that I was pregnant during all this. Here are some new pics of hubby and the baby which I thought were just adorable. She loves her daddy and turns her head and stares whenever she hears his voice. I love her little snowsuit that her daddy picked out! And there is a new pic of me with the headband I just bought. It may be hard to tell but my hair is thinner by about 50% from what it was before chemo. I bought headbands because it adds some *umph* to my hair I think. I hate how thin it is but I'll be thankful that I didn't lose it all. I hope it thickens up fast. It's too thin even for a ponytail. It looks silly and slides out. Then the last pic is of me and my daughters Angelina and Mikayla :) Enjoy!