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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

You Know Your Dog is Getting Old When...

you take her in for her shots and checkup and the vet hands you pamphlets on how to extend your dogs life, and help her in her older years.

I'm pretty sad that Sasha is getting up there in years. I'm proud of the fact that she's about 10 (we adopted her so we aren't totally positive), yet I'm scared because she is a Siberian Husky and their lifespan is about 10-15 years. Obviously this is a little scary.

She is doing good. Her checkup went good but we're concerned about a little patch of missing fur on her back. It's by the tail. It's pretty raw. The vet checked for fleas but didn't see any. She was due for some Frontline. We hadn't used any in awhile so I picked that up today. The vet put her on some antibiotics and some spray that I'm going to be putting on her in a moment. I really do love my dog. She's the best dog we have ever had. I read a lot about Huskies online including here:

She absolutely loves to run and will any chance she gets. If that means running away from me then she will do it. It's scary because she will run until she runs out of energy. That is usually halfway across town so we are careful about not letting her get away. She is much stronger than me so I have a hard time keeping her from walking ME. She is good about sitting but likes to jump up at people in excitement. Since we adopted her when she was around 5, she was already trained to a certain extent. She is house trained and will sit on command or shake your hand but she doesn't have much interest in obeying other commands. She'll get down if I tell her to, but a few seconds later she is back up again. It's a repetitive thing. I love her for her personality though. I realize she's probably really well behaved for a Husky.

I'm going to get a good picture of her tonight. She's a really pretty dog with ice blue eyes!!!

I also wanted to put a very important note in here. Gabbi and I were recently featured in a blog. I was contacted and asked if they could post our story to share. I was more than honored to do so. Please check out this link and comment on the story.

Scroll down and you'll see our picture. Click on the link in the intro and that's that. :) Let me know if you read it. I love comments.