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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I entered a contest with a pic of my "favorite" guy on facebook. It's really simple. The pic with the most likes wins. I have a little over 40 now. Those in the lead have over 100!!! I was winning in the beginning and now I'm getting creamed. I would really appreciate any votes I can get. So simply follow this link to my photo:

To like this photo you'll have to first like the page Johnny's Italian Steakhouse. After that just click like on my photo. I appreciate the votes. I would win a few steaks. Honestly I just want to actually win something, but you can't win unless you try!

Relaxation and Wanting a Beach

This vacation has been about rest, relaxation and family. I have missed my girls and really enjoyed the time off to spend with them. It's almost over. I never really went anywhere. I read about everyone going to exotic places taking these great vacations and I haven't stepped foot out of boring Illinois. I am ready to leave this place and do something exciting. I need a beach. I want a beach!!! I graduate in December. Maybe I'll find that beach someday.