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Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Well I knew we'd all catch something sooner or later with the start of school. There has been other illnesses but this one has been particularly awful. Angelina brought a nasty cold home and combined with her allergy asthma (that so far appears to be seasonal) her cough seems awful. I kept getting onto her about covering her mouth and not giving the baby her sickness. Well, I got it. Bad. I felt like I had a fever yesterday with chills and muscles aches but my temp was around 97.9 all day. I took ibuprofen which did make me feel REALLY hot and sweaty. The muscle aches would go away though. Gabriella caught it but doesn't seem quite as sick. Thank the Lord! I hate seeing my kids sick. I get little to no sleep when they do. I feel much better today other than this nasty cough and a stuffy nose.

Yesterday was also my 13th wedding anniversary. We didn't do anything as money is tight these days. I hope we can get out sometime soon but instead we just went to our daughter's open house at their school, looked around at what they do and met their teachers. It was nice. It was a full day. I have a new pic of myself trying out some curls. I have been using a shampoo to help my hair get healthier since chemo. I had it cut soooo short and it's starting to grow back in. haha Have a great day all!

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