Saturday, March 3, 2012

Orientation and A Review Coming Up

I started Orientation as a nurse this week. It has been a lot of long and hard days. It's not even physical work. I am listening to people teach me things for the most part and boy would I rather be on the unit doing actual work! I have been learning the hospital computer program which I already know well since I went to school there. However nurses from other schools do not know it so I have been learning it all again. There are new things of course that I am learning as a nurse that I was not doing as a student. It has been informative and I will take a l ot of this information with me on Tuesday. It will be my first day on the actual unit. I start my orientation on the floor that day. I am really excited but anxious because I will be working 12 hour shifts. I have heard horror stories about those shifts turning into 16 hours and really I do not think I can physically manage that. I just do not think I can. We'll see. I will try to manage my time well!

As for the review, let's just say I got a new product in the mail today and I am SOOO excited to try it out! As soon as I am ready to give my opinion I will be posting it. So be on the lookout for it soon.


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