Friday, June 25, 2010

I Got an Award!

It's been awhile since I had one on here. I have a hard time getting them posted when I do. I've been enjoying my summer break, relaxing and not working too hard, so I have time to sit back and enjoy my blogging. Here is an award I received from Lipglossed Mom.

 Thank you so much!

It's been a slow week. The hubby has been working second just for a few days this week then next week as well. It takes some getting used to not having him around. Good thing it's only temporary. All the kids are heading outside to play. I will be all alooooooone. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh :)


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Note! Villagephotos disappeared randomly. My pictures are NOT working that I have linked. I had to file a BBB claim with them for money they continued to charge me, regardless of the fact their site is now gone. I lost well over 1000 pictures with them!