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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Add My New Domain Name to Your Blog Roll and I'll add Yours

I changed my domain name. I need to start promoting this link It took me a long time to get what I got with the old link so if you have me with my old link or if you'd just like to add the new one please do so. The old one is still ok because it will lead you here anyway. I just want to be sure that anyone who googles cancer in pregnancy is able to find my blog. I believe it is helpful to hear someone's story that has a positive ending. So many people come here wondering because they themselves, a loved one, sister, wife is pregnant with cancer. It's a scary thing to go through.

That being said, if you add me to your blog roll or put my link on your page, drop your link here and I'll add it to my blog roll. :) Thanks!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Love Thunderstorms

I realize that the weather has been horrible this spring but I usually absolutely love thunderstorms. I almost feel like that small pleasure has been taken from me because of all the damaging tornadoes this year. I normally never really worry too much about it. I have a nice full basement complete with a kitchen, etc. This year though I have been a little more watchful just because of the fact that the storms seem to be changing rather quickly from just a storm to dangerous. It hasn't been that way here yet and after another round of watches and warnings it seems to have passed again.

I do love a good storm though. I find them so relaxing. I like to just sit and watch. I love the smell of a thunderstorm on a really hot day.

On a different note I got another copy of Health Magazine today. The letter of the month was referring to the Pregnant With Cancer story. So cool. She won a camera for being chosen the letter of the month. Sweet!!! :)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Finally Bought My Own Domain Name! :)

You may be redirected when coming to my blog. My new blog link is I really felt it was time that I owned my own blog name. I have had this blog for a long time. I think it has helped people as well. My desire when starting this blog was just to have a place to pour my heart out when I was so worried and scared about whether or not I was going to be ok, and if I could have my baby while going through such a horrible experience. We did make it and now my goal is to get that word out. I want other women who are scared to find this blog and not just all the worst case scenarios out there that aren't offering hope. What we need at this time is hope and faith. I think it's important to think positively when going through something like this. Chemo can be given during pregnancy. Cancer can be beaten during pregnancy and the baby can make it too. I noticed that I had to re-add the networked blog widget from facebook. If you follow me through facebook please re-add me. My blog will be under instead of Both links still work however. Eventually you may get redirected. I'm so glad to make this change. It's very exciting. Share the link, spread the word. I hope to help as many people as I can.