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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Saturday and More Snow!

I am so sick of snow I could just scream. I see others out there reading my blog that are excited at the thought of snow. There are those who haven't ever seen the stuff. Here's my advice to those who have not experienced snow. Get an old Refrigerator or a big deep freeze. Make sure it's the old kind that gets lots of frost thickly covering the sides. Scrape a bunch of it into a pile. Stick your hand in it and close the door. That's how pleasant it is! lol Ok. Fine. It's not that bad, because I am in my warm, cozy house. This is just how we start to feel when we get signs of spring around the corner and then it gets stolen from us again with a fresh layer of snow and more freezing temps. Right now it's a whopping 19 degrees Fahrenheit. I could really use warmer temps. I am ready for spring. I love the beauty of snow. I love seeing it fall and before it is touched it looks like a soft blanket of cotton. I do appreciate it. Anyone who lives with snow knows also that it makes driving conditions bad, it turns muddy and gross after plowing and sometimes it melts then refreezes into a hard layer of ice that it is near impossible to walk on! haha So yes, that is my complaint for the day. I will try and just be thankful for this fresh blanket of snow.........I'll try really really hard. :)

Friday, February 20, 2009

Pink Eye, Sore Throats and Colds, Oh My

Yes these things have been making the rounds at my house. First my daughter Angelina woke up with a swollen, crusted over and closed eyelid. It revealed to be very red once she got it open. We were prescribed drops. The eye began to improve quickly then the other eye became infected. Then Mikayla got the pink eye, from one eye to the next. So far no one else has gotten it, but now we are all, including myself, complaining of sore throats. Even Gabbi has a bad cold. So I guess it's that time of year. I hope we can avoid anything serious. I can deal with a bit of a scratchy throat.

I have done a lot of reading that says having Lymphoma can actually weaken your immune system. So I am not sure but I don't think mine is not as strong. I seem to fight off colds and illness just as well as I ever have. I read something about being more susceptible to catching things but still, I don't feel I have gotten sick more often. I guess being careful is ok regardless, but I really have not seen a change. It's just another one of those things. You never really do know what permanent changes cancer will bring to your own life personally. You can only wait and see.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Do You Twitter?

Well I am really getting into Twitter. I am trying to be faithful about my tweets. I read other people's tweets and find it pretty interesting and an easy way to keep up with blog updates. If you have Twitter feel free to post your link here and I'll follow you, or you can just follow me here I'll follow in return. Things are pretty quiet around here today. Hubby has been sick for a couple of days. I'm hoping he'll feel better tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Long Ago and Far Away

I was nineteen years old...and got married! haha I came across a picture that my mother sent me a few years ago. I have a lot of wedding photos but they are put away right now. This one was just there and I always liked it because it has both my moms in it. My birth mom, Deborah on the left and my step mom whom raised me since I was just one year old on the right. She is my mom just so anyone reads this does not question. To me, she is no different. I kind of see that I look like my birth mom though. Or at least, I think I do. It was 1995...and I was nineteen. Do the math!!! Forgive the flippy bangs but that WAS the style at the time. I've been married now for 13 years and going strong.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Wonderful Valentine's Day

For Valentine's Day I got a beautiful personalized pillow from my hubby. I loved it. He is so thoughtful and goes out of his way to find something unique. I'm not much of a flower girl anymore. I do however love different kinds of Lily of the Valley. Those smell so amazing. I'll post a pic of the pillow tomorrow. I also got a new Webkinz pink fish. Yes I do like Webkinz. My kids all do it. They are adorable and it's kinda fun. It's something our whole family does and the girls get really excited about it. If you aren't sure what they are, well you are missing out! haha Go to to see what I am talking about. I also got a few scratch off tickets. I won $10 on a Betty Boop ticket. I got a beautiful card that brought tears to my eyes. I got a delicious candy bar that said I Love You on the wrapper. It was pretty yummy. Oh geez he spoiled me to death. I got two cami tops. One white, one grey from Aripostle and a pink Aripostle shirt that is just cute as can be. So yeah, he did spoil me a bit. He's always doing that. I love him to pieces. My girls all got a Webkinz and a Webkinz charm. They all came with codes to use online so that's like gold for them.

I bought the hubby the new Journey CD and dedicated a song to him. It's called "After All These Years." You should really have a listen. You won't even believe it's a new lead singer. He is almost dead on. It's just amazing. That song is gorgeous and really perfect for a couple who have been together for awhile. Hear the tune here:

I bought him a card and a two new shirts as well. I guess we went a little overboard this year. haha Around 6:00 p.m. I talked to my sister and she wanted to know what we were up to. We were just hanging around at home last night. We had went out Friday night. We were staying home with the kids on Valentine's evening. So we invited her hubby and kids over. We turned on our DJ/Karaoke rig, got out the instruments and sang away the night. Another couple whom are good friends of ours called to see what we were all up to so we sent them our way too. It ended up being a really nice evening! I didn't get to bed until about 3 a.m. haha Everyone left around 1:45!!! Yikes. Anyway we had fun. Here's a video for your enjoyment of my sister and I singing Sweet Dreams are Made of This by the Arythmics. Her husband is goofing off dancing by her while her little boy ran circles around us. haha