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Friday, June 5, 2009

Buying Books Today

I am heading into the school in a few minutes to get the student loan finished off and will hopefully be buying books and supplies. I am pretty excited about it. I always like to go through my school books and check out the material before class starts. Honestly I have heard nothing about my online classes at all. I am a bit confused as to what website to go to. I have had no information. Hopefully my college will have that information on my log in page. It's just getting down to the wire here. I like to be prepared!

On a totally separate note. What is with this actor David Carradine situation? I thought he was a pretty good actor. I read yesterday they thought he committed suicide. I read today it may have been heart failure yet he was found in a closet with a rope around his neck AND genitals. There were two ropes. Those ropes were tied together. I am pounding my brain trying to figure out how something like that could be accidental. I hope he didn't commit suicide. If he just had a strange habit on the side, ummm ok. I just feel and always have that suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Everything seems like it's awful while you are going through it, but time will heal wounds at least somewhat even if not 100%.

Anyway I just find his death very very strange and wondered what others thoughts were on it.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Quiet Before the Storm

I relaxed today. This was the kid's last day of school. They went for just one hour. I drove them and picked them up and haven't left the house since. I cleaned up around the house and did the usual meal preparation and cleaning but for the most part I was lazy! I don't have much if any time left to do that so I am appreciating it. Tomorrow I have to take my 9 year old's glasses in to be repaired. I need to pick up a few things. I am not sure about Thursday. So far nothing major planned but Friday I have to get back out to the school again. I need to buy my school books. I need to pick up some school supplies then that's it. I am going to be busy busy busy. Monday classes start and I don't know how much time I'll have free. I'll be posting still. That doesn't take up too much of my time! haha

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Awards and Getting Behind

I was given a couple of awards lately and I usually save them and put them up when I have some time. I have been so busy lately that this has built up on me. The bad thing? I sometimes forget where I got them because I am only saving the award, thinking I'll remember. Well I don't. It's awful and I admit it. There is one I got recently from My Life As Orions Mom. I do remember this one! So check out her blog and say hello. Thanks for the award! I don't have time to go through and link blogs to pass it on to so I'll just say thank you for now. I really love the awards and do appreciate them...each and every one even if I get behind in putting them up!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Crazy College Stuff

It's all so insane. I have so much to do and so little time. I will be a very busy girl come fall. Actually beginning June 8th which is when summer classes start. I got only the first line of this blog post written before I got a call from my college. This is how it will be. I went in to see my advisor today. For some reason they had not yet translated my transcripts. I have had several classes among two colleges. The second college I took Intermediate Algebra (fun eh?) in 2007, but the first college I went to from Fall semester of 2005 through the end of the 2006 fall semester. So that would be 3 semesters. I took a whole lot of classes mostly involving the Sciences. Anatomy, Physiology, Chemistry and Microbiology. I really loved these classes. I was surprised because I didn't care much about Science when I was in high school.

I was interrupted again writing this post with the college a second time. I was going to say earlier when I went in to register for my classes they didn't know if my math classes transferred and if so if I qualified for the math classes I now need. They started discussing a placement test and all kinds of stuff. I told them I had already had THREE math classes. Two of them Algebra so I was pretty sure I qualified. Well thank goodness I talked to the right person and I got in. I now have this course schedule:

Summer isn't too bad. I have Child and Adolescent Development online from June 14 to July 16. Don't let the idea of an online class fool you into thinking it is easy. I found out LONG ago that they are much more difficult. I do better with a teacher in front of me. You make up for no class time with TONS of homework. TONS of paperwork and I do believe you have to go into the college for tests. My class was in 2006 that I did last and I definitely like the in class thing better, but with the baby and the kids this works out best for us. I also have Math 110 two nights a week for about 2 hours and 45 minutes each. That's it for summer.

The fall I have to take a Basic Life Support Class. This is only one day but it's the whole day from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Wow. Then I have English/Comp II, Intro to Philosophy, Adulthood and Aging (psychology) and Intro to Criminology. That last one was an elective. Sounds kind of interesting to me. My Psychology class there is on TV which is a new one for me. The English class is online and the other two are mornings so I'll have plenty of work to do. If I can finish this and STILL be standing then in January of 2010 I will be starting Nursing College. It's so exciting. Everyone wants me to succeed. Especially when I tell my story and why I want to go into Oncology. I know I'm meant to do this, but it sure is hard getting there! :)