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Saturday, November 7, 2009

We Are All Sick

Saturday and I am sick! Jason got sick about 1 1/2 weeks ago. It started off mild and got progressively worse. He is feeling a tiny bit better today. I myself started getting a sore throat a couple of days ago. Then last night was the WORST. I started feeling kind of achy and like I had chills. I had no fever though but full body aches. I had been suffering with the sore throat and a stuffy nose but it really hit me hard yesterday. It all got worse while I was at my nursing college doing a Meet and Greet thing. I got to meet a whole lot of my fellow classmates that will be starting with me in January. It really seems like a fun school. The people are so nice. One girl came all the way from Chicago to go to this school. I find that pretty cool. The Dean said that if we are feeling nervous or scared don't....because there were at least 2 or 3 other people that were up for our spot and they chose us. So they know we can do it. How awesome is that?

I got off track here a bit. My point is I wanted to really enjoy this thing but I started feeling honestly flu-ish during the middle of it all. I was putting on a smile and keeping a safe distance from people when I talked to them. I don't want to get anyone sick. Then we had to wait forever in HR at the hospital to get our ID pages made. Well, they took our photo anyway. I am feeling sicker than a dog and they took my pic. I am hoping it isn't horrendous.

I got everything done though. I just wait now. I have to get a few lab coats and some white scrubs and white shoes. I'll be at the hospital occasionally working with patients several weeks into the semester but wow. This is so crazy. They gave us a lecture about how sometimes our families might be pushed to the back burner. They said that our families need to be understanding because this will be hard. I knew it and Jason honestly is ready for it. He knows. I know. If I do this full time (which I am) I will graduate December of 2011. I'l have my BSN. I am excited, nervous, anxious, happy, terrified. haha

Anyway, Gabbi is sick too. She began running a fever last night of 101.8. She is now not running a temp but I have kept the Ibuprofen/Tylenol in her. Her eye looks red. So does Mikayla and Angel. They have awoken with crusty yucky eyes. I am hoping beyond hope it isn't pink eye but honestly it appears to be the beginning of it. So I think it could be several things at once. I had her sleep with me last night. I don't like my baby possibly spiking a fever in the night without my knowledge. No thanks! She did ok though. I awoke to her snuggling with me.

I hope this illness passes fast. I am just ready to have it done and over with so we can get on with our lives!

Oh and don't forget to vote for me. Tweet and retweet ok? Post, share, whatever, Facebook it. Let's see how many votes we can get today!!! Please :) The first place people have several thousand votes. I have just over 300. My chances are not looking good. I however do believe I have enough friends out there in the Internet world to get me the votes.

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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Canceled Classes and Another Follow Up

After school yesterday morning I came home ready to spend the rest of the day finishing up my Statistics homework before class at 6. Well I got an e-mail from my teacher that afternoon canceling class for that night. I seriously danced a little jig. (No, I won't demonstrate this for anyone.)

I love it when that happens. The hubby hasn't been feeling well so I was able to stay home and keep him company. I myself have a sore throat now. I started to feel it yesterday anyway so I figured it was too late. Gabbi has a runny nose now and Angelina woke up coughing pretty good. Since she has asthma I worry about her getting that flu.

Other than that things are well around here. Gabbi got over her last episode of milk poisoning (Yes that's what I call it now) and is doing well. Honestly I contemplated HARD taking her to the hospital. I know the signs of dehydration though and she didn't have those. I thought it would be harder on her for me to drive the 30-40 minutes to the hospital lethargic and puking then it would be for me to stay home and hold her. I managed to get a little bit of fluid in her too so I just waited.

I know people are aware of nut allergies and bee stings and how serious those can be. I don't know that people have a clue how serious an allergy or digestive rejection of milk can be. I say digestive rejection because actually her allergy tests were ok. I have since learned that is actually pretty normal. So if your tests are normal do not assume you are ok with milk. Gabbi absolutely is not. It's scary.

I have been told though that Jason's uncle actually had the same issues as a baby. He's now a man in his upper 40's I believe. At the time soymilk was rare and they didn't know what was wrong with him. He lost weight and became very ill as a child. This was all until they started giving him soymilk. He then became a healthy, plump little baby. He did grow out of it too. I am thinking it is just something that happens. I don't know why and especially how someone could actually grow out of something so severe. I need to do some research.

I have a follow up on November 20th. It's hard to believe so much time has gone by. I have lost track of how many 3 month follow ups I have had now. I don't have too much to complain about at this checkup other than the horrendous throat pressure that never seems to go away for long. I hate the throat pressure. Some days it's ok. Other days I feel like I need to hack up a soft ball. I don't mean phlegm. I mean, it feels quite literally like there is a softball IN my neck. It's so irritating and makes me feel like I need to gag.

I get pressure in my ears too. My left ear especially always wants to clog up and has done so since the beginning of the whole cancer thing. I absolutely despise this sensation. I get angry too. I want it all to go away. I have to be thankful for my life though and I tell myself I am lucky. I shouldn't complain about the minor things. It could be so much worse. So I'll just be thankful.

I am not going to sit here and smile and say it's all easy because I think it's really ok that it's not. Who says you have to think everything is ok all the time anyway? We all know very well that it's not. I'll complain now and then. I never do much though. I'll go in and get my blood work. As long as that is good and the doc isn't concerned about anything it will be a pretty quick appointment. I love seeing the docs and nurses as usual. I love them all. They were with me through everything. Though they did their job I still felt like they cared very much about me and Gabbi.

Ok. This book is quite long enough! haha

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

School is Crazy

I have just too much to do these days. I take breaks now and again but really don't have time to do that. I am looking forward to the end of this semester. I am so burned out on prerequisites. I want to do something related to Nursing for once. I am ready for January. I have a meet and greet at the college of nursing on the 6th. I am pretty excited about that. I am anxious to start and to meet all the new students that I'll be going to school with. I can't wait.

Gabbi learned a new skill yesterday. I always give her a lunchable. Those little ones. She loves the ham in them and it's already diced up. There is cheese in those but my older girls always take it. Usually I'll peel open the side with the ham so she can get to it. It's worked forever because she does not have the dexterity to peel the package off....until yesterday that is. Yes. She got the cheese. She took a bite and said ew. I caught her and cleaned out her mouth but it was too late. She got very sick yesterday. I am so tired of this already. I hate her being allergic to milk. It's her life though. Honestly I can't see her outgrowing this with how bad her reactions are. I mean they are BAD. So, I mean, how does something like this just stop? I don't know but it seems not possible.

Well back to studying.