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Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday Never Sounded So Sweet and An Update on My Dad

I am so thankful it is Friday! I am tired and worn out from a very long week. I had to study so much that I had very little time with the family. I feel like I am neglecting them when my nose is always stuck in a book but trust me, I'd rather be doing something with them!

I am anxious to see how I did on my tests. I don't have results yet for any of them. The first test is always an indication to me of how I am doing. I use that test also to better know how to study for that particular teacher's test. Every professor is different.

My dad is back in the hospital by the way. They removed his gallbladder, and some other surgeries to help fix his jaundice. He ended up in severe pain the other day. He actually has never stopped being in pain. The pain is awful and the other day he felt dizzy and weak. That could be due to the fact that he can't eat because it hurts him too much. I am not sure. He went back in to the E.R and they said the stint they put in was blocked. So they put in a new one. They said he has an infection and they are treating him with antibiotics. They took every scan and test imaginable and found no cancer. They said he had pancreatitus (no idea how to spell that) but this week they say that looks fine now. My dad has been a medical mystery lately. I wish he would just get better!!

Now, I am going to take my mom some ibuprofen at the hospital because she has joint pain and has been sitting in the hospital for two or 3 days. Dad will be there for at least 2 more. It's definitely been a crazy week. I need a breather!

Oh and just a reminder you can vote for me every day at the contest I entered. Please vote, post, share and tweet my link. I need a TON of votes to even catch up to the top people right now.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

OK Let's Try This Again!

I put up the link for the face of e.l.f modeling contest. It worked for a short while then I clicked a link and messed the whole thing up. You may have noticed you could no longer find my pic there. I still do not know for sure WHY that happened. Anyway I decided to just delete the old account and start from scratch so please go there and vote for me! If you already voted please do it again as this is a new account. I could win a vacation. I think it would just be fun to see how many votes I can get too! I'll post updates here regularly to see how many votes I have earned. Posted here is the main pic I am using there. There are a few more on that site so go vote!!! Share the link and most of all thank you thank you thank you!!! You vote once every day!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Three Tests in Four Days

I am wiped out. I had a Philosophy test on Monday. I studied for that over the weekend. I had a Stats test tonight. I spent the time since the Philosophy test studying for that. I got home tonight from that test and now I am studying for a Criminology test in the morning. I need tape my eyes open! haha I hope I get good grades on all these tests! I will post more once the insanity is over. the way, one week from today is my 14th Wedding Anniversary!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Explore Modeling - Face of e.l.f. Casting:

Click here and vote for me. Share the link. I appreciate votes. It's something fun to do....and I could win a vacation. I could also be the face of their makeup line but seriously, I'd have to get a ton of votes for that.

Explore Modeling - Face of e.l.f. Casting: Sandra

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OK If you the link does NOT take you to the right place or you can't see where to vote please bear with me. I clicked a link to have my last name removed from my public profile and my page disappeared!!! It says I am registered but it takes me back out to the main page when I click it. :( I contacted them to hopefully get it fixed.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Patrick Swayze Has Died. We Lost a True Fighter.

I have more than admired his strength throughout his battle. I don't know how he held on so long but he did and he did it with attitude. I respected him so much for it. I felt pride when I heard him talk about it. He wasn't the kind to give up. Here's to you Patrick. I loved you since I was a little girl. I have such great memories. I loved when you danced with Chris Farley. I loved you in Dirty Dancing. I saw it probably 100 times. Maybe more.

Thanks for showing us all what fighting is about.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Feeling Out of Breath When Full

Is this an odd thing? I have always been this way. Even before cancer. When I get full or even begin to feel full I find it hard to get a good breath. I get this sensation of like needing to breathe deeply or even yawn. I actually have to stop eating because it's such an uncomfortable sensation. I have seen people whose noses run when they feel full. The deep breathing that I do when I get full though always made my hubby kind of laugh at me. Now that I am post cancer I hate it because number one I feel it's worse now. I get a terrible full sensation in my chest, not my tummy. I feel it in my neck too. Does anyone feel like they need to breath in more deeply or yawn as they eat? Or am I just real odd ball? In some ways it's a good thing. I know when I am getting full and it makes me stop eating!