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Friday, July 3, 2009

A Better Day

So far anyway. Mikayla feels better which is a huge plus. She'll be seeing a GI specialist which in itself is a victory for me. She has needed it for so long. Her whole life really. I feel this will help her and maybe for once she can go a week without a tummy ache. Poor thing! Anyway she does feel good today so I am happy about that.

I also got my math project done. I feel sorry for my poor hubby though. See he helped me with my project. Me, my hubby and math do not mix. He is SUPER fast with numbers. He will figure out a problem in his head in about 10 seconds or less while I am still writing out the algebraic formula that he somehow manages to NOT use. It so seriously agitates me. I tell him he can't possibly know it. He is wrong wrong wrong. Then of course he is inevitably right which only irritates me more. So yes...I am sorry hubby for getting so incredibly irritated at your super speedy math. haha I do well in math. I have had all A's in every math class I have taken. I just have to go through each step on paper slowly. So yes, it gets on my nerves a tiny bit when someone just blurts it all out easily. I do however KNOW that I am irritated by it so it's a step in the right direction I think. I am working on not getting so irritated. haha

I still have to do more midterm studying but blah. What a horrible weekend to be studying don't you think? I have a method. I'll do well on this midterm if it's the last thing I do. Other than that I am heading over to some friends house tonight with my family to watch the fireworks in town. They always do them a day early around here. It's a fairly small situation. They do it a day early so on the fourth we can hit the GOOD fireworks. Still it's fun and a nice get together. Hope everyone else has a wonderful fourth!!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Pigging Out, Homework and More

First of all I have felt SO hungry all day. I want to eat and eat. I don't think I have actually. For supper though I had some yogurt, an all beef hot dog, some corn and a few Doritos. Seriously!!! This was my healthy dinner. A strange combination of junk. Still, I could eat more. I am wanting to munch today. It appears as though I go through phases. Some days I won't get the urge to snack. Other days it's like I cannot get enough. I am not sure what it is. Might be a woman thing. haha

I also have so much homework to do. Ok, maybe not all homework. Technically I have one project to do in my math class. I had to find a house for sell. I had to call a Realtor. I had to find out the annual taxes on the house I chose. I had to call a lender/banker/creditor and find out the closing costs on that house and what it includes. Then I had to find out the square footage and other details on the house and then I have to find an amortization calculator online, put in this info for a 15 year loan, find out the monthly payments, do the same for a 30 year fixed rate find out the payments, then I have to find out how much I would save if it payed an extra $100 per month on the loan. Oh and this is all if I pay 10% down first. Ummmm yeah. I am having the hubby help me. I have to put this all in a word document and then I have to write a bunch of stuff about it. It's gonna be fun! I made all the calls. I just have to put it together now and get it into the calculator and pray it all comes out right.

I am also somehow in the midst of all this studying for a Psychology midterm and dealing with Mikayla being sick again. She has IBD or IBS or something. The miralax helped for a while but she got sick again and now I am not sure what to do. The deal is that something is wrong in her digestive system and always has been. It has gotten worse, not better with time and now she is being sent to a GI specialist. She had blood drawn today and showed some borderline signs of dehydration from everything coming out both sides. She has been doing much better and got some fluids in. If she gets sick again however this weekend she has to be admitted to the hospital. I have been deal with her tummy issues for SO long. They come and go like you would read about in Crohn's Disease or I am wondering very seriously if this is what is going on. The nausea comes from the tummy aches and diarreah. This is what I am trying to deal with today. It's not been fun. I hope to get some Psychology studying done!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Midterms, Math Projects and School Loans

Such fun eh? Yes...I thought so. Well I have my Psychology midterm to study for this week. No assignments, just the midterm. I have until noon on Monday to have it done. At the same time I have a project to complete in my math class. I have to find a home for sale in the area. I have to find out how much it costs, annual insurance, annual taxes, closing costs....everything. I have to use an amortization calculator online, plug in all kinds of numbers, figuring out the monthly payments on a 15 year fixed loan, 30 year fixed ummm and some other stuff. LOL I have to have all of this, midterm ALL of it including a math test tomorrow night (that I still need to study for) by July 6th. So....technically I have a ton of stuff to do. Top that off with a holiday weekend and it might be hard to concentrate. I think what I may have to do is study for the math test today and tonight....then begin to study on the Psychology thing and in between somehow work on this math project. I'll have to make some phone calls too. Those should be interesting calls to make.

As for school loans? Well I got a refund today. So nice. I get another one next week sometime. I had two disbursement dates and the first one left a little extra after paying books and tuition, etc. So that was at least a bright spot in this day.

Monday, June 29, 2009

The Worst Nightmare

I haven't had any really paranoid thoughts about my cancer in a long time. Since I had the CT scan I have honestly been doing so much better with the worry about recurrence. It's a normal thing to worry about it coming back I know. I tell myself this and I have adjusted to not feeling exactly as I used to feel. I don't like it one bit but I am now getting used to it.

So when I had a nightmare a few nights ago about it coming back, it took me by surprise. It was a horrible nightmare. It would be awful for anyone who hasn't had cancer, much less for someone who has. Maybe it's because of what happened to Farrah Fawcett. Perhaps it's because of other blogs I read. Either way I dreamt that my doctor called me into his office and told me my cancer was back. Then he quickly informed me that this time he couldn't cure it and I would die. About the time I was gasping and trying to take in all this information I quietly woke up, rolled over, saw my husband and informed him he needed to give me a big hug.

What a way to wake up.