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Friday, December 17, 2010

One of Those Bad Mommy Moments

Gabbi and I headed to the mall today. I needed a dress to wear for Saturday and I also wanted to take Gabbi to see Santa. Unfortunately Santa was gone when we got there, I presume on lunch break. Even more unfortunate was that we didn't have time to hang around because my other girls got dismissed early today, for Christmas break.

I decided to swing into Hallmark really quick and pick up something for Gabbi. She didn't get to see Santa, so I figured I would find her a little something. Well she was grabbing at everything. It was such a huge mistake to take her in there. I kept telling her to hold my hand and she kept pulling away. She started grabbing at some jewelry, it was really crowded etc. I said "Gabbi come here" and grabbed her hand back, she pulled away and then of course fell down. She landed straight back. There were people all around. I bent down and kissed her and asked her if she was ok, but still frustrated that she was giving me such a hard time. I saw one lady walk away, I think assuming some people just shouldn't have children! lol You know if you think that you really need to take a step back and maybe down off your high horse sometimes. I thought to myself if only that woman knew the whole situation and also how very much I love my little girl. She's the world to me and I did everything I could to make sure she made it into this world safe and sound. I had to chuckle. Yes even I make mommy mistakes. I should have put her in a stroller but I thought it would be fun to walk around with her. Live and learn!!!! :)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

HESI and Christmas Break!

I took the HESI on Monday. This is a test that basically prepares us for NCLEX which are the nursing boards. We take that to get our license after we graduate. It helps determine our strengths and weaknesses. If you don't pass at our school you are required to do 15 hours of online work on a site called ATI. Well I was SO ready to fail this thing. I was scared, nervous, etc. I passed! I was so shocked I seriously double and triple checked my score. I am so glad that's over. Now over Christmas break instead of doing all of that online work? I sit at home with my family baking cookies and enjoying myself!!!

Now when I was looking for ways to study for the test I asked friends, I searched the Internet and eventually found an online program through the Evolve website. It cost $24.99 but you know what? It helped me SO much. I recommend this to anyone. I didn't know how to study for it. I didn't want to dig into old notes, or old books. There is entirely too much information to process. So I found this and was very pleased. I am considering baking tonight for Christmas but I am not sure I need all that temptation around this house. I'll end up eating too much of it!