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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Time Off

I am really enjoying two days off with Gabbi. Yesterday we went shopping. We had a great time. She loves shopping with mom. I wonder if that has anything to do with the fact that I tend to buy her a little something? Ya think? haha

Did I ever tell you that I was on the Delilah show? Well, my story was. I was at work and never had the pleasure of hearing it. I never even knew it was going to be aired! I was at work and my work phone rang. It was the floor below me at the hospital. There is a little radio at the desk and they heard it. It was so cool. I was really happy that my story is spreading more and more. I still get emails from women who have received this dreadful diagnosis. I think my story and Gabbi and my own health will continue to inspire for a long time. I sure hope so!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

New Blogger?

Yeah I know I've been gone a little while. I have been working third shift. I find myself wanting to get out and DO something on my days off! If I don't, if doesn't feel like I have any time off at all. I love my job though it's very stressful. I never know from day to day what to expect at work. It is not uncommon for patients to complain of chest pain or shortness of breath. It seems to happen to me often really! I am getting to the point where I am not freaking out now though. I find there are simple answers usually before you get to the panic mode.

It's nurses appreciation week so please tell a nurse you appreciate them and what they've done for you! It's no easy task. I love my patients and care very much for them. I work 12 hour shifts and even though it's at night I tend to really get to know them and it's hard to walk away from it sometimes. I had dreams of my patients all night last night!

On a different note, the family is doing well. Gabbi is such a big girl now. She's 4 going on 15. lol She is enjoying school (daycare). I love spending my days off with her though. She's still my little cuddle bug. She is starting to understand her story a little bit. I told her we beat cancer together.She will never be under the assumption that just mommy is a cancer survivor because she is every bit as much a survivor. The cancer was not in her body but she was in mine!

Happy Nurses Appreciation Week!!!!