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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Time Off

I am really enjoying two days off with Gabbi. Yesterday we went shopping. We had a great time. She loves shopping with mom. I wonder if that has anything to do with the fact that I tend to buy her a little something? Ya think? haha

Did I ever tell you that I was on the Delilah show? Well, my story was. I was at work and never had the pleasure of hearing it. I never even knew it was going to be aired! I was at work and my work phone rang. It was the floor below me at the hospital. There is a little radio at the desk and they heard it. It was so cool. I was really happy that my story is spreading more and more. I still get emails from women who have received this dreadful diagnosis. I think my story and Gabbi and my own health will continue to inspire for a long time. I sure hope so!

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Darrel said...

I see this and I feel the reality of your life. My wife had Muscular Dystrophy for all of our 25 years together. She carried our second daughter through what was some of the worst of health and we gave almost 12 years of our lives to hospitals and traveling to find a way to keep my Sheila alive. given 5 years, we got 25 years instead. I read your words and think of all that you endured but know that like me, the gift of your Gabby was more than worth the suffering.
God Bless you always... This is beautiful. Darrel Day