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Monday, March 15, 2010

My Husband Got Hit by A Semi Today

I really am not joking. He is ok but yes he was indeed hit by a semi. I got a call early this morning FROM my hubby. He had been driving to work. Right before he gets to his job there is an intersection. His light was green so he kept going. There was a mini van to the left of him. All of the sudden the mini van guns it. My husband was thinking to himself "What is your hurry?" when he saw the grill of a semi right up by his window. He then gunned it thinking he was dead and the semi got the back of our little yellow neon. It knocked him a few feet. The semi had hit his brakes but it was too late.

According to the semi driver he was changing his clock and when he looked up he was going through the red light. He was driving a gas truck. This story could be SO much worse. My hubby is ok and honestly the damage on our car is shockingly small compared to the fact that he was HIT BY A SEMI!

Here are pics and I am publicly thanking God for protecting my husband today!

It sort of buckles out here a bit

I also have my 3 month follow up tomorrow. Top that off with the fact that it is my two older daughters' birthdays tomorrow and it's a busy week, spring break or not. Mikayla will be 10 and yes, I will have a teenager tomorrow. Tomorrow Lexi is 13 years old. Eeek. Seriously. Too many hormones around this house. Anyway I'll post pics later of their birthday. We opened gifts tonight since we'll be on the road tomorrow. My appointment is 3 hours away. We plan on going somewhere up there for their birthday though and maybe getting a hotel. We'll see about all that. I'm not quite sure yet. It's only Monday yet I feel like my spring break is going by too fast. haha

Prayers that I have a good follow up are appreciated!!! I feel pretty good though so I just hope it will be a great trip. Now, off to find the hubby whom I keep telling, is lucky not to be road kill today.