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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hodgkin's From a Student's Perspective

Can I even give an opinion from the other perspective? Well yesterday at school one of the things I was studying was Hodgkin's Lymphoma. It wasn't the only cancer studied but we spent a little time on it. I of course knew the answers to all the questions she asked only because I have researched this cancer a lot. Listening to her talk about this cancer and all the possible future risks due to the chemo and radiation is hard, though I already know it.

There are risks to your heart from the one drug, risks to the lungs from another. The radiation carries it's own risks not to mention there is a specific Leukemia that Hodgkin's sufferers can get years down the road. I believe it's due to the treatments. Even though Hodgkin's is very treatable and has a high cure rate, it's not good enough because our treatments are so toxic. This applies to all cancers. Our only option is to pump ourselves full of this poison or die. (And no, I don't believe in taking a vitamin and you're cured, it doesn't happen so please don't push that on my blog.)

Someday though I think we'll have a better cure or a real cure. I told my husband last night I see cancer as an enemy like Hitler. It's personal.

Now randomly an interesting thing happened last night. Gabbi was in her high chair. Jason and I were talking in the kitchen. Gabbi out of the blue starts saying "Grandpa" which she hasn't done for awhile. I walked over to her and just asked her, "honey, where is grandpa?" She immediately pointed up and said "Up there."
I have never seen her do that. I haven't even tried to tell her about my dad because how can a 2 year old understand? I think maybe her big sisters have been talking to her. I'll get to the bottom of it, but it was needless to say unexpected!