Gabbi is 5 Years Old!
And I am 5 Years in Remission

Monday, December 30, 2013

New Jobs and the Flu

I have recently accepted a new position as a home care nurse. I'm pretty excited about it! Gabbi is doing well though it seems she may have the flu today. We have really avoided most sickness until recently though so I won't complain. She is sitting here with me relaxing, however with body aches and a fever. I'm
thankful that I can be here taking care of her.

Gabbi is in kindergarten and doing well. It's amazing how much time has gone by since that horrible diagnosis but we have come out on the other side of it. I'm doing well, she is doing well. There is not a lot to add to that. We are both healthy. I am thankful for my blessings and plan on focusing on the positives in life!


Friday, November 1, 2013

Gabbi Art!

I know its been awhile and I will update more soon. I changed jobs in the past few months so life has been pretty busy. Gabbi is doing well and actually I just wanted to post a link to help Gabbi earn money for her art class at school. She wins prizes as well for selling items with her very own artwork on it. It's too cute so I had to post.

I'm due for a checkup myself. I'm long overdue actually. I haven't had a chance to take care of myself since the new job. My hours always seem to interfere with doctor appointments. I need to go though and have an appointment with my Oncologist on November 8th I believe. I need to check my calendar! Here is the picture to purchase an item with Gabbi's art and a Halloween pic for your viewing pleasure. ;-)

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Kindergarten and Zoos

I hope to take my girls to the zoo this weekend. The weather has been so nice. I really want to do something fun with all of my girls. To update you, my oldest is 16, then 13, 11 and of course Gabbi is 5. I have four daughters. I never think too much of it until someone asks how many children I have. Usually  then it hits me. In this day and age it really is a decent sized family. Now if you compare it to my grandmother who had 16 children it's not that big. It is nice having four girls though. I love it.

This fall Gabbi will start Kindergarten. My baby is growing up. I am not sure where the time has gone. She has grown up so fast. Just see how tiny she is here! She was 4 weeks early but healthy! She's still allergic to milk as she always has been, but other than that and a little acid reflux there were no major issues. I'm so thankful for it. I'm looking forward to summer break and spending some real time with my girls before they grow up and move right on out. I may not do so well with the whole empty nest thing. *sigh*


Blog Renovations and Worms

I have hated how cluttered my page has been for awhile now.  With the recent changes to Blogger I saw new options on limiting posts per page and more.  I had always limited my page to recent posts but it never worked. Load time should be greatly improved and signing up to receive updates should be easier as well!
This pic was taken recently of Gabbi after a night of hunting night crawlers. She absolutely loves it.  My dad would be proud.  He was an avid hunter and fisherman.  I learned from him and no I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty contrary to what some might think. My Gabbi girl is getting so big.  I have been a nurse on my unit now for well over a year. I enjoy it so much even if it is extremely stressful at times.  I am doing what I set out to do!  My oldest daughter is 16 now.  She'll be getting her license soon.  It's amazing how much has happened in a few years time.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Gabbi Is No Longer the Baby!

No I'm not talking about me, Gabbi is my baby by far. She's 5 now, but my baby sister Vanessa had a little girl Zoey who is now just over 1 year old I believe. They moved away. I miss them so much! They came up to visit a couple of months ago. Gabbi loves her little cousin. She loves being the big girl. She wants to take care of her. I am not sure how thrilled Zoey is, but just look at that smile on Gabbi! She's healthy and growing like a weed. She will start Kindergarten this coming fall. I can't believe how time flies! It seems like yesterday I got the shocking news that I had cancer while I was pregnant. I remind her daily that she saved my life and that we beat cancer together.

Mother's day serves as another reminder of all we went through. You can ask Gabbi now and she can tell you in her own little Gabbi way, how we beat cancer together.


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