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Friday, January 18, 2008

Just for fun, a video

check out the adorable backup dancer!

Did the Interview

Well I did the interview. Finished it and it all went very well I think. It is so much harder answering those questions like that. I am better at writing things down I think. I can sit here and think hard on what I'd like to say and go back and add things if I want. Haha Can't do that during an interview. It went well though and I really like the reporter. He was incredibly kind. The show is supposed to air on Tuesday as long as nothing changes. I still do not know when it will air on the channel where I used to live. It will obviously most likely not be the same day. I haven't heard back from the reporter there. I am excited though about that one because all of my family lives there. I want them to see it. So, I had a terrible time buying a shirt for the interview. It's funny but through it all I am still 100% woman. haha I ended up wearing the 3rd one I bought. Funny! Here is a picture of me in what I wore that morning. :)