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Friday, January 18, 2008

Did the Interview

Well I did the interview. Finished it and it all went very well I think. It is so much harder answering those questions like that. I am better at writing things down I think. I can sit here and think hard on what I'd like to say and go back and add things if I want. Haha Can't do that during an interview. It went well though and I really like the reporter. He was incredibly kind. The show is supposed to air on Tuesday as long as nothing changes. I still do not know when it will air on the channel where I used to live. It will obviously most likely not be the same day. I haven't heard back from the reporter there. I am excited though about that one because all of my family lives there. I want them to see it. So, I had a terrible time buying a shirt for the interview. It's funny but through it all I am still 100% woman. haha I ended up wearing the 3rd one I bought. Funny! Here is a picture of me in what I wore that morning. :)


Christine said...

So glad to hear it went so smoothly, Sandi....I really wish we could all see it!!! You look fantastic!!!!

Anonymous said...

That is so exciting!! Would you be able to possibly find a way to youtube the video, so everyone could see it? That would be so amazing. You look beautiful too, as usual!

rantravereflect/ jane said...

you look fab, gorgeous and beautiful!
i've been readin ya quite a while nw, n well, i love the way ya've penned ya experiences- almost clinical, yet so humane, evoking interest and awe more than nethyn else..
Ya're a stong woman, n in this part of the world where cancer translates to 'the end', ya're such a pathbreaker in breakin tat myth..
As far as the head bands go, they have only added to the 'oomph', as ya already have the oomph born with ya- like an innate quality..
Y gurls are sugarcheeks, may god bless ya all thys new year!

rantravereflect/ jane said...

spellchek:ya* gurls