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Friday, November 21, 2014

Seven Years in Remission, Seven Years Old

Gabriella just turned 7 on November 17th. It is, as I say every year, hard to believe how much time flies. She's grown into quite the little lady. She is feisty and definitely likes things her way. She loves her big sisters more than life and looks up to them. She enjoyed her birthday with some cake and presents.

I always reflect around her birthday about how much we have overcome and I'm very thankful. I'm thankful that the constant fear of the cancer returning has now faded away. I now focus on my life, my family, and my career. It's normal again. I'll always have that. I'll always be a survivor as will Gabbi. We beat it together. She gave me hope when it seemed it was hopeless. I fought for her. I'm here because of the strength and determination she gave me to fight. Maybe some day she'll truly know what she did for me.

I fought for my other girls as well, of course. They took care of me and had to grow up a little too fast because of it. I know it was hard on them. It's scary to see mom so sick. Moms can't get sick! I have some amazing little women. They are the reason I get up each day and do what I do. They are the reason I breathe. My greatest accomplishment wasn't becoming a nurse, or beating cancer. It was becoming a mother.