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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Six Flags and Sasha's Tumor

Well we took the kids to Six Flags this past week. We bought summer passes so spent two full days there. It was HOT. But we drank a lot and got shade as often as possible. It ended up being a great time. Gabbi rode rides and I even got on a lot of roller coasters with the girls.

As for Sasha, she is my dog. Some may or may not remember my Husky. She has had a knot on her stomach the size of a golf ball for awhile. We aren't sure it's a tumor but we are sure it's grown. It feels like a tennis ball now. She has arthritis. She's about 11 years old now. But I am definitely not ready for my dog to be sick! She is healthy otherwise. Well we had her stay at the kennel during our trip. We picked her up and she literally has a large hold on the spot where the *tumor* is. My husband rushed her back to the vet. We assume she's been scratching at it. We are NOT sure how the kennel did not see this. This is at the vet's office. They had groomed her! But somehow they did not notice a hole in her stomach. She is on antibiotics now. Surgery is a possibility to figure out what is going on.

Prayers for my dog are appreciated!!!