Gabbi is 5 Years Old!
And I am 5 Years in Remission

Monday, February 4, 2008

PET scan results!

Our prayers have been answered. My PET scan though not normal, as it never will be, came back clear. No sign of cancer! I will always have a mass in there from scar tissue and honestly it still puts some pressure on my veins but it's gone. I am still in shock. I am just so happy. I am thrilled that finally after all this time, it is gone. Now we pray that it doesn't come back. I am truly blessed. Here is a video my hubby made for me.


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Note! Villagephotos disappeared randomly. My pictures are NOT working that I have linked. I had to file a BBB claim with them for money they continued to charge me, regardless of the fact their site is now gone. I lost well over 1000 pictures with them!