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Monday, February 4, 2008

PET scan results!

Our prayers have been answered. My PET scan though not normal, as it never will be, came back clear. No sign of cancer! I will always have a mass in there from scar tissue and honestly it still puts some pressure on my veins but it's gone. I am still in shock. I am just so happy. I am thrilled that finally after all this time, it is gone. Now we pray that it doesn't come back. I am truly blessed. Here is a video my hubby made for me.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations - that is wonderful news!!!

Anonymous said...

I am very happy for you!!! May the Lord continue to give you good health. Betsy

Anonymous said...

Congratulations and stay healthy!
(and by the way... you are beautiful)

Unknown said...

Congratulations!! That video was awesome!

Sarah70 said...

Hi, I just came across your blog and just wanted to say how much of a inspiration you are too others. And while I have never had cancer myself, I have had several friends that have and my best friends mom. I have a real empathy for people with it,especially kids. I followed a decent amount of kids fighting the battle right now and pray for them every day. People who have been lucky to never had it dont realize how bad it reallly is. And that the perentage is a very big amount. Sharing your story will be so inspiring for those who have it or will. Your an incredible lady as well as a mom. And regardless of the scars, you are beautiful. Those scars are your battle scars. Too go through what you have gone through and beat it is awesome. God bless you.