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Saturday, July 18, 2009

The News Video

It's been so long since I posted the video of my news interview. I feel it tells so much of our story that I don't need to say much so for those who have not seen it, I am posing it again. Gabbi is so tiny in this. She is now 20 months old! She's such a big girl.

And yes the video is not the best quality. We pointed the digital camera at the tv to record it. haha

Is it Saturday?

This morning I thought it was Sunday until about 11 a.m. Then I realized's only Saturday and I am thankful for it. I have homework to do. I actually have a book open on my lap right now. It's just been a crazy week with a lot of ups and downs. I am really glad the hubby was off all week. That has made things very nice. His plant was shut down for the whole week so he has had some much needed time off. It was paid too so hey, we won't complain.

The whole situation with my dad has been and still is very confusing. They say there is some sort of a mass pressing on the pancreas. They said at first they thought he had advanced pancreatic cancer. We were all very upset of course and terrified. They put a stent in his liver to drain the bile and his numbers are getting better. The biopsy of the lymph node showed NO cancer so at this point we do not necessarily think it's cancer. They did some testing of cells when they put the stent in and that showed no cancer as well. The docs are still VERY confused as to what is causing everything. They did an MRI with contrast dye a day or two ago and said they'll have some results on Monday. They let him go home finally yesterday and he feels a bit better but very tired and sore. Prayers are still appreciated!!

I am tired and not really in the mood to do my homework, but I'll get it done. Gabbi threw up first thing this morning so that just adds to the wonderful week! She has obviously got a sour tummy so we'll be dealing with that today on top of everything else. Hopefully she holds down the beverage I just gave her.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Class and Anxiety

My math teacher has declared this chapter in our math class officially the hardest. It's such a great week for this to happen. No I am being sarcastic here. My dad just underwent a test on his pancreas to make sure there is no cancer in there. They saw something suspicious and want to just double check. He is still yellow. We are all pretty worried. Right now I am waiting to hear back on his results.

My sister just called back as I typed this and said the doc didn't see anything in there but took a lymph node out near the pancreas to biopsy it. They want to rule it out. They need to be positive I guess.

This is just not going to be a fun class tonight. My teacher said at this point we do not want to miss any classes. This is a hard chapter and she said pretty much impossible to learn just by reading the book. If we miss then we probably won't understand it. So regardless of what goes on with my dad I cannot miss this class. This is difficult but I'll manage I suppose. I just need to keep my brain focused!

Things could turn out good and I am hoping it does. If this biopsy comes back clear I think we'll all be breathing a huge sigh of relief!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

My Dad Is Very Sick

My dad had a slightly elevated cholesterol level so the doc put him on a drug called Zetia. This drug almost immediately caused him severe stomach cramping, vomiting, diareah among other things. He felt totally awful.

They thought he would adjust but he only felt worse and worse so after 5 days he stopped taking it. Not long after that he began to show symptoms of jaundice. His skin yellowed, his eyes turned yellow and there were other obvious symptoms as well. He is now in the hospital diagnosed with drug induced hepatitis. His gallbladder is enlarged and not looking good either. His liver though they said is trying to do it's job and from what I know they think it will heal. They aren't sure about the gallbladder or if he's going to need surgery. He is very weak and tired. His skin is so yellow.

I am pretty upset that he had this reaction to the med. I am doing research on cholesterol meds and finding they are very controversial and that Zetia is fairly new. If he hadn't stopped taking it I am positive he would already be dead. My dad had a major stroke in 2004 and recovered. This feels so familiar to that feeling of uncertainty back then. We need prayers sent his whatever your belief please remember my dad. I have read about some severe muscle breakdown issues with Zetia that can lead to acute kidney failure!! I hope this does NOT happen. I haven't heard anything about something like that but his weakness scares me. He has zero energy. He'll be in the hospital at least all this week...maybe longer. I just want to see him with some energy, and normal skin color.

I recommend highly avoiding this drug. My guess is it will be off the market with lawsuits eventually. Take a look at this link: Side Effects!!! Real People.