Friday, August 12, 2011

School and Checkups

I had another healthy checkup this month. I saw my Oncologist who decided to schedule my next appointment for mid December. He wants to see me after I graduate. He offered letters of reference and referral. He keeps telling me that which is awesome.

I guess in some ways I'm kind of lucky. My desire is to work in Oncology. If I had not gone through all I went through I never would have chosen Oncology. I saw it as sad and depressing. I think the whole experience opened my eyes. When people ask how I can handle working in that field I am reminded of when I was sick. As soon as you tell someone you have cancer they look at you like you're already dead. It's true. I hated telling anyone because I wanted to stress to everyone that I wasn't a walking dead woman. I was a person, fighting an illness that I fully intended on beating. I would go in and get chemo for hours. I would sit next to other people who were getting their treatments. I would talk to them and get to know them. They all have a story. They have brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers and children who love them. They are human and being around them wasn't scary or depressing at all. It was nice having someone to sit there and talk to that knew what you were feeling. It's hard to explain but I knew after a few treatments in that Oncology was the field I needed to be a part of. I'm getting close! I hope I can inspire even one patient. That will make it all worth it.