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Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Finally, we are getting some sun. I had to add this because we have been just getting tons of rain here in the midwest from hurricane Ike. At least I read it was because of that. There were some tornados as well. The other night I put my middle child in the tub and came out into the living room. Gabriella was already asleep. I noticed I heard a siren. It's not unusual for the siren to go off because of a fire or accident but this siren was steady...not letting up at all. I opened the front door and sure enough it was the tornado warning. We get a whole lot of watches in this area but for a warning to occur it means something has been spotted. I was a little scared and quickly turned on the news. It was our county but not our town. They had spotted rotation in the clouds. I informed my daughter to get out of the tub. I had no idea it was even raining so hard. The warning passed finally but I was ready after that in case we had to rush to the basement. We have a nice basement thankfully and got no water at all in it. I'm so happy the sun is back and the mud can perhaps start to dry up! I love thunderstorms but I've had my fill for awhile. :)

Gabriella is 10 months old tomorrow!

She's really getting big. She has two teeth on the bottom now. For awhile she was waking up like once every hour at night. I think it was due to teething. She does wake up a couple of times in the night still but usually she'll go right back to sleep. I've forced myself to begin giving her a little water in a bottle instead of milk in the middle of the night. I know it's my fault she's a little chubster. (That's what I call her) So, she's getting some baby food for breakfast with a 6 oz bottle and then lunch with water or juice and then a bottle with her nap. One bottle at bedtime but no more during the night. Basically I read she's supposed to get 24 to 32 oz of formula at this age. I never really kept track. I just fed her when she was hungry. I think the night time bottles were seriously adding up! She needs to learn to sleep through the night anyway. I have spoiled her because I was always so worried about her. During the pregnancy I was worried she'd be small or something would be wrong. When they said they would induce me at 37 weeks I searched the Internet for the risks of inducing so early. Then I had her naturally at 36 weeks anyway. I stared at her after she was born just to see how little she'd be. She was 6 lbs 2 oz which I think was pretty good! Now at her 9 month checkup she is 95% on EVERYTHING! Head, height, weight. The doctor said he wasn't concerned with her weight being up there because she is proportionate. Still, I don't want to be one of those people who just lets her kids eat whatever. I like my children to eat healthy and I believe it starts in childhood. Now if someone can give me any tips on teaching her to like her vegetable baby foods it would be great!!! haha She only seems to enjoy the fruits. She gags herself on the vegetables. I'm including a recent pic. She does have a big round head...but it runs on my side of the family. She's my cutie! I always say she'll *grow into it*. :)