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Saturday, August 8, 2009

A Quick Update to Say......

I am still cancer free! My checkup went well. The doc made a joke about the papers I filled out being boring because there was nothing I complained about. There was nothing I felt like I had to discuss with him so he had nothing to do. haha Of course this was just a joke and a happy one at that. My blood work came back good. My lymph nodes felt fine. He did feel my tummy and said it felt empty so I must be hungry. Indeed I was! I hadn't eaten anything since breakfast except tons of coffee. The hubby took me to the mall and out to eat afterward. I had this Cajun Penne Pasta and wow was it good. It was hot and spicy. The sauce was creamy and white like Alfredo and there were tomatoes and jalapenos in it. I have realized I am a huge fan of jalapenos. I love them. I am not sure why but wow. I could eat them all the time.

After that we made the long drive home. I got a new cell phone case which is very pretty in a dark pink color with greyish roses on it. I always finally got a car charger for my cell phone. Kind of a necessity! I am feeling good and hope to have some company tonight. Hope everyone is having a good Saturday.

Oh and my dad is still feeling better. It's just kind of a waiting game right now. The old pain is gone and as far as I know they haven't found any cancer in any tests so I am feeling pretty good about that too!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Have I Mentioned?

You know, I usually write about this way in advance and I do believe I have at some point, but it's gotten lost amongst my worry about my dad and school. My follow up is today. It's 1:09 a.m and yes I totally should be in bed. I am a night person. Have I ever mentioned that? Yeah. I pretty much hate mornings. I love staying up late. I shouldn't do it because it's not good for me. I need to get up with the kids and I have to get up early for classes in the fall. It's a bad plan because I inevitably have to get up early anyway, so I just lose sleep. Bad I know!

I got off the point though. I have a follow up today. My appointment is not until 3:00 p.m. but it's a near 4 hour drive and I have to pick up Lexi from camp on the way there which is out of the way. I am not as anxious as usual. I don't think I have had time to worry about myself. I am glad. I don't need that added stress really. I will have the usual checkup and blood work to make sure I am still in remission. I couldn't even begin to imagine it any other way. The thought is simply to horrible too even fathom. So I'll just not worry about that for now.

My dad is home by the way. He was released quickly and guess what? He feels better he says than he has in months. Is that not amazing? The stomach ache (other than his surgery stitches) does not hurt. The pain is gone. How wonderful! I am hoping all final results come back good. His blood sugar got high during all this. There are things to be concerned about but he is better. I am just relieved and thankful about that. I better head to bed. Night all!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Dad's PET Scan

My dad's scan came back clear! There is a mass in there but all I know right now is that it doesn't seem to be cancer. He is going in for surgery right now to remove the gallbladder. He has gallstones. The lymph node swelling on the scan had gone down. This is a good start to this day! He is having surgery outpatient and will be home tonight. I really hope I start to see my dad feeling better. I want to see him moving around again and acting like a normal healthy guy again!!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Guess What?

I got an A in my Psychology class too. I knew I would based on points but I waited for the teacher to post it. It's official! And check out my GPA! Yes that is a 4.0. I am so totally stoked. haha I can't believe after all I have been through and how hard I've worked I have gotten this. I know I have TONS more to go and it will only get harder but I am willing to work for it. It makes it all worth it and I hope one day my hard work will result in me being a good nurse!

Missing a Child

That's right. I am missing one. She's at camp! I miss her. She called just before dinner to check in and I am glad she did. She got teary eyed when I told Gabbi to say "Hi Lexi" and it came out kinda like "Hi Beki" It's cute. Lexi loves her little sister. She's a great big sister actually.

Other than missing my oldest daughter things aren't going too bad. I got some paperwork filled out today for my nursing college. I still have much to do. I need copy of my birth certificate. It's one of those certified ones that cost money, I have to show my ID and fill out a form for. It's not like I can just submit it online either. It's not that simple. I can fill out the form online, make a photo copy of my ID and fax it all over...but come on. I think I would rather drive the 25 or so miles to the courthouse and just do it person. I need last year's W2 and tax return. It's a lot of paperwork and that's just to make sure I can qualify for any financial aid. I can't quite afford $15000 a semester, no matter how much I'd love to be able to. This is not including what I already have had to do for the local college I am attending for prerequisites this fall. I am so insanely busy you know? But today I took it easy. I woke up with a terrible ache in my neck so that I could not turn my head to the right at all. I wanted nothing more than a nap today. Thinking about it all makes me want to nap right now!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Oh I get so emotional looking through it all. I went from this:

and this:

to this:

then this:

and finally this:

and this:

It's been an interesting and long 2 years. I have to say in all honesty I didn't see myself here just a few short years ago. My life has changed a lot. I have changed a lot. I am so much stronger than I ever knew I was. I am more confident and secure and more in love with my family than I ever knew possible.