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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Still Not a Fan

I really am not digging this new Blogger look. It makes me less likely to post. I don't know. I guess I'll get used to it, but at this point it just looks and feels wrong. I have had a good weekend. I got to relax yesterday and spend time with family. Last night I got to go out with the hubby to one of our favorite restaurants. Unfortunately it was the first bad experience we have ever had!

The first thing that tipped me off that our waiter was new was when he asked how I want my pork-chops done. Uuuuh.....Then I asked to get soup instead of a salad. Well we waited and waited and finally we just got our food. My husband hadn't gotten his salad at all. My pork-chop had the soup with it on the plate. My husband was like "Where is my salad?" The waiter said "oh!" Then he went and got my husband's now warm salad. I then asked why I didn't have a side with my pork-chop and why my soup was on my plate and didn't come earlier? Then he said "you said you wanted soup?" I said "instead of a salad....which is before the meal??? Not to replace the side dish?" I didn't say it like that and I was really really nice...but frustrated. So he brought me a bowel of broccoli....and that was that. We waited forever for our check too. Then he came up to us and told us how he moved here to take care of his ailing grandma. Hmmmmmm Tip hunter? I don't know. We still tipped him but the service was AWFUL!!! I am not naming the restaurant because I love this place and this is the only time that's ever happened.

And just a side note, I woke up today to a spider crawling on me. Not cool!