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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Paralyzed Kitten Photo

If you read the post below this one, you'll know what I'm talking about. This little kitten I believe is paralyzed from the waist down. We just realized it. He's about 3 weeks it's only just become apparent. I think he was probably born this way. As you can see, his upper body strength seems fine. We have 5 kittens.
Just a random pic of our kitties.


We have 5 baby kittens. My cat had kittens this spring. We had planned on getting her fixed, but since she was not a year old we really didn't think we needed to do it yet. I was wrong. She became evidently pregnant during the big snow storm. She ended up having them on the very first warm day of the year. These kittens have been growing and thriving. Just the other day I noticed one had an injury. The neck looked a little scraped but I had no idea why. I thought maybe the other kittens had chewed on him thinking it was their mother and nursed his neck. Well it seems to be healing just fine. While examining his neck I noticed his back legs are limp. They do not move at all. They do not look broken or injured...they look paralyzed. They seem thinner than the top portion of his body. I believe my kitty is paralyzed. I am so sad for him. He's so young but he's already dragging himself with his front legs. I have always had a big heart for animals. I think I get it from my dad (he did too) and as much as it drove my mother insane I believe it drives my husband insane. I feel the need to care for this animal. It could be the nurse in me too. I put antibiotic ointment on his wound...though I suspected mom would lick it off, I figured some protection to kill germs is better than none. He is with his mom (though not sure if this kitten is a boy or girl yet. Not checked it out)

I will be adopting out the kittens when they are old enough. I am worried about this little guy. It will take a big heart to want to love and care for a paralyzed kitty. I hope someone will see what a sweet little guy he is and be willing to take care of him. If no one does I know he'll have a home with me. I just am not sure if the hubby will agree with me on it! haha I have one cat and that was not something he initially wanted. I will do everything I can to care for these kittens and then make sure they go to good homes and momma kitty is getting an operation!!!