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Friday, January 4, 2008

LAST Treatment!!!!!

Today was my LAST treatment! OMG I am so excited that they are all done. I am scared out of my wits too! I have had chemo...then 17 radiation treatments and now it's over. I go in on the 8th to see Dr. Smith (my oncologist) and probably discuss having a PT scan done. I need to get a full body scan. That's the only thing that ever makes me really nervous. I never ever had a full body scan. I couldn't lie flat in the beginning. Getting the MRI of just my chest was torture. By the time we knew it was Hodgkins there was no way I could lie down in that machine. The doc said it was pointless after I felt better to do an MRI because I was pregnant and if anything was there the chemo could have gotten rid of it. So basically I don't know if it ever spread or not. I have no idea. I didn't get any radiation anywhere hopefully it hadn't spread. I know I had this for at least 3 years before anyone knew. I knew something was wrong but listened to doctors saying it was my thyroid. *insert eye roll here* Anyway listen to your hearts people when you know something is wrong with yourself! Don't be a hypocondriac. I didn't sit around worrying and stressing. I just calmly knew something wasn't quite right. Just listen to yourself. You know your own body. Either way. I am DONE! Woooooot! I will update and let everyone know how things are going and the day I am officially declared in remission will be a day to PARTY! :)

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Only Three More to Go!!!

I didn't have a treatment today, since it is New Years. I have 3 more to go! So far I have had no side effects from the radiation. The doctor said he expects me to have trouble swallowing. So far I have not. It's weird...but I am not complaining. Radiation side effects are not instant, they can happen weeks after the treatment starts from what I am told. So I am not counting my chickens before they are hatched, so to speak. It's so weird that all this is drawing to a close. I'll be of course getting regular scans and having to check for growth and all that. I am so scared of it growing back. That's a big fear of mine. Recurrance. What a terrifying word. I have made it through so much. I can't bear the thought of it coming back. But if it did, I'd fight. Just like I did this time around. One bit of exciting news. I had contacted our local news station with mine and Gabriella's story. I contacted the news station from where I used to live as well. We'll be moving back to that area soon. Well they are BOTH interested in the story! The local station wants to set something up and take pics and interview us. I am sooooo excited. I can't wait for Gabriella's story to get out there. Not many people realize chemo can indeed be given safely in pregnancy. Who would think so? I certainly didn't! But now I know that it can be done and I think it is so important for other mothers that God forbid find themselves in this situation, know that the option to carry the baby to term AND be treated is entirely possible!