Friday, January 4, 2008

LAST Treatment!!!!!

Today was my LAST treatment! OMG I am so excited that they are all done. I am scared out of my wits too! I have had chemo...then 17 radiation treatments and now it's over. I go in on the 8th to see Dr. Smith (my oncologist) and probably discuss having a PT scan done. I need to get a full body scan. That's the only thing that ever makes me really nervous. I never ever had a full body scan. I couldn't lie flat in the beginning. Getting the MRI of just my chest was torture. By the time we knew it was Hodgkins there was no way I could lie down in that machine. The doc said it was pointless after I felt better to do an MRI because I was pregnant and if anything was there the chemo could have gotten rid of it. So basically I don't know if it ever spread or not. I have no idea. I didn't get any radiation anywhere hopefully it hadn't spread. I know I had this for at least 3 years before anyone knew. I knew something was wrong but listened to doctors saying it was my thyroid. *insert eye roll here* Anyway listen to your hearts people when you know something is wrong with yourself! Don't be a hypocondriac. I didn't sit around worrying and stressing. I just calmly knew something wasn't quite right. Just listen to yourself. You know your own body. Either way. I am DONE! Woooooot! I will update and let everyone know how things are going and the day I am officially declared in remission will be a day to PARTY! :)

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