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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hmmm Cupcake or Chocolate Chip Cookie?

Can't decide? To hell with it. Have both!!!! I love the facebook page Bake it In a Cake. They are aaaaamazing. They also have a website here: The possibilities are endless. I saw a picture of a chocolate chip cookie in a cupcake so I had to try it. They turned out PERFECT. :) I never found a recipe. I just made it myself based on the idea. It wasn't hard. See for yourself....and drool. :)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Omelet or Omelette?

Apparently it can go either way but Americans prefer the Omelet spelling. I am not like most Americans and apparently neither are other Americans I converse with because we chose the Omelette spelling. My computer is editing me or trying to correct this spelling but it is how I have always spelled it and preferred to spell it. So I think I will leave it. I have been watching an excessive amount of Food Network lately so I started getting some great ideas for meals. I will be making deep fried mac and cheese wrapped in bacon this week for some family coming over. That's gonna be fun. I make a killer lasagna...seriously. It's perfect I have to say.

Today I made a taco omelette. I threw some ingredients together. I didn't find a recipe because this was something I already knew how it should be in my head. If I LIKED eggs I would add to my own onions and some tomato. I might even possibly add a few chives. Since I do not like eggs I just go by what everyone else in my family tells me. I look for the beautiful golden brown color to tell me it's ready. I make sure the insides are covered in cheese and good and melty. I added a nacho cheese and a cheddar cheese. I sprinkled some taco flavoring into the eggs as well as using taco flavored meat. I wanted the taco flavor to extend beyond just the filling. I added some other ingredients as well like taco sauce and a bit of sour cream in the actual eggs. It turned out great. Everyone loved them. I made tacos last night, which is why I thought this up. :)