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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Blog Updates

Now that I can finally access my admin console I am trying to do some updating to my blog. Many links were outdated and some things are just downright slowing the blog down (loading time). I'm working on it. Hopefully things will be running smoothly and faster soon.

Update: I think whatever was slowing it down I managed to fix. Let me know if you have issues!

Help with Renewing My Domain Name/Google Apps!

I need someone who knows all about google apps and renewing domain names to help me and fast. I bought my domain name in 2012 I believe. My account renewed automatically and everything was fine. Now my old card assigned to that account has expired. I need to update my payment method however I cannot sign into my google admin console. I try using my gmail address which is how I have always handled my blogger account but it will not work. It just asks me to sign in again and again. I see it moved over to google apps and there is this new method but I cannot even question google because again I have to sign into the admin console which I cannot do. I have tried every avenue possible. I cannot log in. I can do everything but that. I am frustrated and have spent hours on this to no avail. If transferring my blog is the only option then I will do that but I prefer not to! I need help so if you know about this stuff please fill me before all is lost.

update: I finally figured it out!!! Stay tuned.