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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Blood Clot

After all that dad went through he developed a blood clot in his leg. If you are a nurse or doctor I don't think it would surprise you to know a patient who has a serious blood infection that moved into his brain and caused him to get so sick he went afib, that he would get a clot. He was in bed unconscious for about a week and once he woke up he still has no energy at all to even move. We are thankful for him getting better but the fear is coming back today. They gave him a shot that is a blood thinner. It's not Heparin. I forget the name of it. Anyway the clot has moved to his lung. Now he is on oxygen and a lot of it. He is having difficulty breathing right now. They are giving him things to break up that clot. We need prayer that the meds will do their job! Good thoughts sent out this way are always appreciated. I hate seeing my dad in any discomfort and right now breathing is a chore for him. So this is yet another setback.

On a different note I met with my academic advisor at my college of nursing yesterday. I am in full on panic mode folks. Starting in January it's going to be really really hard on us. I don't know how I am going to have someone watch Gabbi for so long. I love my baby girl and it kills me. It kills me knowing all the homework I'll have and everything. I do know however this will be a good thing for my family in the long run. I know it is something that will be good for us. Gabbi will always know me as a nurse. I am proud of what I am doing. I want prayers that I will have the strength, knowledge and patience to do this.

Friday, October 16, 2009

No School and a Birthday Party

It's so nice when something like this happens. Today...or yesterday I guess it is now, I was browsing on my college website to find my score for my Psychology test. It's a telecourse and so I had no clue how I would know my grade. I came across the school schedule. Somehow I had NO idea we have no classes tomorrow! There is a midterm break. One day for me off but hey I'll take it! I checked my syllabus and sure enough, no class. I am shocked I had no idea but what a gift that is. haha I am meeting tomorrow with my academic adviser at the college of nursing. Things are really going into full swing now. I am ready to start studying the actual nursing part. I have been doing so many years of prereqs. It's been hard on me this year. I have gotten very frustrated at times. It's just so much work. I never get a break and when I do homework I am constantly interrupted. Gabbi climbs on me, hits the laptop, steals my papers, runs off with my pens. She has drawn some interesting artwork on her body while I studied. Oh how fast they are!

We are having a birthday party for my sister tomorrow night at my house. She decided to do something. I think we are both over the whole "aunt" thing. If you read my previous post, you know what I mean. Dad is improving SO much. It's hard to believe a week ago they thought he might not make it and here we are. His speech is definitely affected. He can't move hardly at all he is so weak. I mean, he cannot even lift his shoulders off the bed. He has been through a lot but I am patient. I just want him to get better. I try not to focus on the fact we still do not know the root of the problem.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

It Is Not Right

I am a bit upset right now. I was just informed that a family member has basically talked to my sister on the phone and told her off and told my sister she needed "to get her priorities straight" because she hasn't been up to the hospital to see dad for a couple of days. This just shocks me. My sisters and I have been so insanely worried about my dad. This has been emotionally draining for us. My sister has called me no less than 10 to 15 times today to ask what updates I had. She couldn't get in for multiple reasons. The first being that she works full time and has taken pretty much all the time off she can. Jobs still expect you to work. She has 3 children and they aren't allowed where my dad is. So unless we ask for someone to come watch our kids every single day we can't always be there by my dad's side no matter how much we want to.

I am not one to get on my blog and air out dirty laundry. I am keeping names private. However I do want some opinions here. It's my sister's birthday and she called my mother to get an update on dad. This other family member was with my mom and immediately began yelling at my sister much to her surprise. My sister is very close to my dad. They have a wonderful relationship. He is with her all the time and her kids. This has been especially hard on her. This particular family member honestly has not had much to do with any of us over the years. I didn't know the person well really. I had no reason to think they would ever act this way. I think they jumped the gun and made ridiculous assumptions that they can now never take back.

I want to state for the family members and friends who do read my blog. We grew up with my dad. We have always been by his side. We love that man more than any of his brothers, sisters, or even parents ever could have as we should. He raised us. You may help him in other ways but he's our dad. We stood by him when he wasn't sick. We were there for him when no one else cared. I know most of the family is understanding and most of you out there wouldn't ever act this way. This is pretty much an isolated event as everyone in our family has been compassionate and so helpful. One aunt offered to watch my kids anytime. I really love my family so much. I find it so terribly unacceptable though and so utterly wrong to take the daughter of a seriously ill man and accuse her of not caring. SHAME on that person for causing more emotional pain than was already there.

Lies will be told and stories exaggerated no doubt. It boils down to the fact that we girls want our dad back. That's all.

What would you do if you were dealing with a serious illness in a parent and you had a family member who wasn't even particularly close tell you to get your priorities straight? She doesn't even have all the facts. Insane I tell you. I am doing this for my sister who is spending her birthday in tears over this. I am sure she won't mind my saying. She needs some support right about now.

Monday, October 12, 2009

A Much Better Update

Well after a terrible prognosis given from the docs dad is improving. We aren't by any means out of the woods and I don't want to take too much for granted and assume only to be let down again but here is where we are at.

Three days ago I asked my dad's doctor how long my dad had before we would know for sure if he'd make it or not. This was when my dad was practically comatose. He said he was worried...but that maybe in a day or two we would know.

Dad started responding a bit the next day. Not much but an opening here, a hand squeeze there. I went into see my dad Saturday night and he fully opened his eyes and looked at me and around the room. Then the following morning they actually moved him into one of those hospital chair/beds. They turned on the football game and dad was listening on occasion. He was asleep much of the time but when I got in there and said "Hey Dad" he woke right up and looked at me. He tried to talk but couldn't with the breathing tube in.

He was breathing mostly on his own and they said the tube might come out that night and it did. I had left to go home already so missed that part. I am told dad asked for water. He is hard to hear. He is very quiet and raspy but I am also told when asked what his name was he replied correctly and he also knew where he was. So this is all really good stuff. The update went from being the worst possible news to the best! I believe in the power of prayer. I thank you all. He still needs more. They told us it takes weeks to fight this infection and remember the hardest part is we still do not know what is at the core of all this. There is an underlying condition the doctors cannot seem to find at all. What is this? We still don't know and I fear it will come back if we do not figure it out and soon.

We are still discussing sending him to Mayo.