Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Summer Break and Bad Dreams

When I mention bad dreams you're probably thinking zombies, or monsters chasing me, or trying to eat me. My bad dreams are more of the dork variety. (dork, nerd, geek you get the picture) You see, I am on summer break. I have had a pretty grueling semester with deadlines all over the place. I had papers to write, health fairs to contribute to, tests to study for, and more. It ended so suddenly that it feels like I still have more to do. I feel like I should NOT be sitting here pondering what book I will read for fun, where I will go today or if I should shop or go to the zoo. I know, it's sad but true.

I had a dream last night that I was wrong. I wasn't supposed to be on vacation and I had missed two days of class. I then wondered what I could ever do to convince my professors that it was ok. Pathetic. I know. I had dreams at the beginning of the semester about being late to clinical. That is a very bad thing so I used to dream I was all the time. I am sleeping so well lately and loving every minute of it.....except when I have nightmares that I shouldn't be doing it. =/


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