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Friday, March 11, 2011

OK What About Disappearing Readers?


This is even MORE scary! I noticed the past week that my readers went from 313 to 311!! :( I hope I am not boring anyone to tears out there with my blog. Ok I'm not really that worried. I figure if you leave than apparently I wasn't interesting enough for you, but that's ok because I'm not changing anytime soon. I do miss you and hope you stick around to hear what I have to say, but I have to write about what I write about.

My blog isn't always about cancer anymore. It's about my life going on. I started this blog to get out what I was feeling. I needed a place to vent my fears and frustrations. Now this blog is about where my life is going after cancer and how my daughter is growing up after having been what I call a "chemo baby". She's healthy and I'm sure that someone out there who is going through cancer now and maybe having to have chemo or faced with the thought is terrified. My point is to give comfort or hope to that person while at the same time just living my life.

Speaking of which my husband's birthday is on Sunday. I am trying to get a party together for him AND manage to study for my Community test and write my big senior paper as well. I also need to clean this house etc. I am realizing I am running low on time. So...what do I do? I blog!!! :)

I will never learn.

Monday, March 7, 2011

When Blogs Disappear

I have to say, it makes me very sad. I will be either searching and finding a blog, or just browsing from blog to blog and find a very promising one. I did that just today. I read a very inspiring story about a man who was in remission from Hodgkin's Lymphoma, like myself. I thought I would reply to his post. That was until I noticed his last post was July 2010. I hope that doesn't mean his cancer came back. That would be a worst case scenario. However often times I see that once a person beats the cancer they don't post anymore. They let the blog disappear into nothingness. I have to say do NOT do this! I hope this never happens to me. I don't plan on it. Why you ask? Why do you think the internet is full of worst case scenarios? Why is it only the horrible things that people find when doing a google search? The answer is simple. We only write about the bad stuff. We don't take the time to write about when it turns out good. Some of us do. I think sometimes we NEED to see that a story can have a happy ending. It doesn't always turn out badly, though the internet may lead us to believe it does.

My point here would be if you have a happy ending, talk about it! Don't be afraid to say "I'm in remission!" Or even "I'm cured!" It's nice to hear it sometimes. When I got diagnosed I absolutely refused to look for info online. I figured it would all be bad and I'd lose hope. I hope my blog does the opposite for others. There IS hope. Just look at this face. 3 years old...and I had chemotherapy the whole time I was pregnant with her. That's hope right there.

My Review of Spot Scrubber Multi-Surface Cleaner

Originally submitted at CSN Stores


  • Multi surface vacuum cleaner
  • Versatile and portable for a convenient clean
  • Multi-surface cleaning for carpets, rugs, hard floors, tile, stairs, and upholstery
  • Powerful suction removes dirt and revitalizes carpets and floors
  • 5 ft stretch ...

Love it!

By Sandilynn from Illinois on 3/7/2011


5out of 5

I use this a lot and just love it. I didn't think it worked as good on hard surfaces as carpet and the spray is wide, but do not mind that at all. It works wonderfully. Love it.