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Monday, March 7, 2011

When Blogs Disappear

I have to say, it makes me very sad. I will be either searching and finding a blog, or just browsing from blog to blog and find a very promising one. I did that just today. I read a very inspiring story about a man who was in remission from Hodgkin's Lymphoma, like myself. I thought I would reply to his post. That was until I noticed his last post was July 2010. I hope that doesn't mean his cancer came back. That would be a worst case scenario. However often times I see that once a person beats the cancer they don't post anymore. They let the blog disappear into nothingness. I have to say do NOT do this! I hope this never happens to me. I don't plan on it. Why you ask? Why do you think the internet is full of worst case scenarios? Why is it only the horrible things that people find when doing a google search? The answer is simple. We only write about the bad stuff. We don't take the time to write about when it turns out good. Some of us do. I think sometimes we NEED to see that a story can have a happy ending. It doesn't always turn out badly, though the internet may lead us to believe it does.

My point here would be if you have a happy ending, talk about it! Don't be afraid to say "I'm in remission!" Or even "I'm cured!" It's nice to hear it sometimes. When I got diagnosed I absolutely refused to look for info online. I figured it would all be bad and I'd lose hope. I hope my blog does the opposite for others. There IS hope. Just look at this face. 3 years old...and I had chemotherapy the whole time I was pregnant with her. That's hope right there.


OLLIE MCKAY'S ~ A Chic Boutique said...

The miracle baby is growing up and she is so cute!! So happy that you are still in remission and cancer free! I reached my 5 yr mark of being cancer free in Oct of 2010! I feel so blessed each day. Most people don't understand unless they've had cancer, that in the back of our minds is always that nagging question of "Am I really cancer free?" But we just go forward each day and LIVE!!! Have a beautiful, healthy day!

Up Close said...

That's post is inspiring. I don't have cancer but is not pregnant yet, though I am married for almost three years in June but still trying. I am inspired by your blog.
God is good. keep on!

aldon @ orient lodge said...

Sandi, you may remember me from EntreCard and from there from Facebook. I've been pretty busy in blogs for a long time.

I've always loved your blog. It has struck me as being very important.

Last December,I started a new job as Social Media Manager for Community Health Center, Inc in Connecticut. Now, my full time job is to think about how blogs and other forms of social media fit into our health care system.

As I've read research and thought about things, my thoughts often come back to your blog.

Your point about writing about happy endings is incredibly important, and I hope to write more about this soon.

Yes, there is hope. You are a great example of this. We need the stories of hope told to help others who may not have hope right now.

Your blog is more important than you realize.


Sandi said...

Congrats on the 5 year mark Ollie! I am looking forward to that day myself. I am glad my blog can inspire anyone. Aldon that is a great compliment. I know your blog well and have it in my faves at Entrecard. I appreciate the compliment. I hope that my blog can help or inspire even one person. I have always felt like when a person is going through a trial the only thing we have is hope. Once that is gone, there isn't much left to get us through it. I'll continue to write here for that reason.

Dave Lucas said...

Your blog is really awesome! Don't ever stop! Write about your kids, share some family cooking secrets, comment on the news... and tell us when you're hurting or worried or whatever... that's what blogging is all about... and if you help just one person who is scared out there... you've done your job and you'll be rewarded in heaven...