Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Everyone is Sick!

Well first Angelina had it. She got sick. Throwing up everywhere repeatedly...off and on for 4 days. Then Gabriella got it! My poor little baby. It's hard to help a four month old who can't stop throwing up. She is now fully recovered though so that is a relief. Then Mikayla got it. Last night Lexi started throwing up and this morning? The hubby! I guess I am next but I pray it doesn't happen. This nasty bug is super contagious so my family is in quarantine I think. haha Still Gabriella got through it with no trouble at all. That is always a relief. She has yet to run a fever. Everyone else did with this bug, except her. I am glad. :) I myself have a nasty cold. I lost my voice too. Otherwise I am good and just hoping I don't get this bug.