Friday, June 18, 2010

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Follow Up

I am feeling a bit tired this week. Most likely due to this tooth issue I have had. I am going to probably need to get back into that dentist if it doesn't clear up soon. I think it might have gotten infected. When I saw my oncologist my white count was a little low which has never happened. It's scary when my blood tests aren't totally normal. Doc seemed a little concerned but everything else turned out good. I told him I had my wisdom teeth out and he said it was probably because of that. Still the hubby wants me to go to the doc in a couple of weeks and get some blood work just to make sure it's back where it should be.

It's probably a good idea if for nothing else but peace of mind. My blood pressure was pretty low too. 88/56. I tend to run low pressures. Around 98/60 or so. But this was really low for me. She asked if I was feeling tired. I was. I feel it's probably because I hadn't drank anything all morning. Really my pressure seems to drop when I don't drink enough. I tend to do that a lot since I'm not a fan of water. I pretty much consume caffeinated beverages for the most part. Gotta stop that! I know it's not healthy.

I am now wondering if my tooth IS causing the low white count that it might signal an infection and therefore I probably need some antibiotics. Eh. I just hate going back to the doc AGAIN. Might force myself to go though.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Yet Another Follow Up

Tuesday the 15th I go see my oncologist for my regular 3 month follow up. I have lost track now of how many of these I have had. I used to count, now it's just a part of my life. I'll do this for another 3 years then I'll see my doc every 6 months for the rest of my life. As my doc says, Hodgkin's is something that once you have you are always looking for and hope to never find.

I sure hope we never find IT or any of the other cancers that could occur as a result of having had Hodgkin's or the treatments. Ironic that those things can cause other cancers. I am watching my thyroid too. I already had nodules and with the radiation there it is sure to give me problems at some point so we keep an eye on it. I had my thyroid levels drawn. I should get those results this week. I wanted to have them to take with me when I see my oncologist because he keeps telling me to see an endocrinologist. I put it off a lot, finally called them and I can't get in until late August. How stupid is that? I just went to my primary doc and had them draw my blood. If there is a problem maybe I'll get into the endocrinologist sooner.

Hope everyone is having a good Sunday!!! Look at my new kitty! I want to call her Aurora Rose (though the hubby isn't big on the princess names lol). She is a sleepy cat. All she does is sleep so Aurora was fitting. I liked Briar Rose too...which is also Sleeping Beauty's name with the fairies if you remember. So I cut out the Briar and just added Rose as a middle name. The girls call her Rose. I think it's gonna stick whether daddy likes it or not. haha :)