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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Follow Up

I am feeling a bit tired this week. Most likely due to this tooth issue I have had. I am going to probably need to get back into that dentist if it doesn't clear up soon. I think it might have gotten infected. When I saw my oncologist my white count was a little low which has never happened. It's scary when my blood tests aren't totally normal. Doc seemed a little concerned but everything else turned out good. I told him I had my wisdom teeth out and he said it was probably because of that. Still the hubby wants me to go to the doc in a couple of weeks and get some blood work just to make sure it's back where it should be.

It's probably a good idea if for nothing else but peace of mind. My blood pressure was pretty low too. 88/56. I tend to run low pressures. Around 98/60 or so. But this was really low for me. She asked if I was feeling tired. I was. I feel it's probably because I hadn't drank anything all morning. Really my pressure seems to drop when I don't drink enough. I tend to do that a lot since I'm not a fan of water. I pretty much consume caffeinated beverages for the most part. Gotta stop that! I know it's not healthy.

I am now wondering if my tooth IS causing the low white count that it might signal an infection and therefore I probably need some antibiotics. Eh. I just hate going back to the doc AGAIN. Might force myself to go though.


Unknown said...

Hey I found you through entrecard..We always exchange ads...Anyways I wanted to say that I am so glad that you and your baby girl are OK. It must have been so frightening to find out you have cancer and that your pregnant. Thank God you both made it through. God bless both of you..She is gorgeous also. =)

MaryAnne said...

Good luck with your tooth, and I hope that is the cause for your white blood count being low...