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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sleep? What's That?

I am always tired but I have so much to do. Even when I want to go to bed early I can't. I have things to get done! I want to take a nap, but can't do that either. I have a full schedule these days. It will make graduation day that much more sweet! I am sleepy though. I am finishing up one thing then heading to bed.

Yes, you say "You're up writing a blog post? Isn't that a time waster?" Yes it is. But I am multi tasking at the moment. I wouldn't be up if I didn't have something else I was doing. I never do get to bed early and never have. It's a terrible habit but now that I want to, I can't!

One good note, I got my appointment rescheduled. I go in on the 16th of March which is during spring break for me so I don't have to worry about missing class. The bad news is that is my two older daughters birthdays. (If you aren't familiar with my blog or my family then this is news to you but yes they share the same birthday 3 years apart. Amazingly people ask if I planned that. For those that wanted to ask, the answer is NO! haha)

Anyway I feel bad because this will be an all day thing. I have to see an Endocrinologist for my thyroid followed up with my Oncology visit. Doctors just love me. I keep them in business. I think when we get to the endocrine section in my classes at school we may have to palpate the thyroid. I am not sure but I am assuming that would be part of an assessment. I have a thyroid nodule that you can absolutely feel when palpating. Actually, you can see it if you look close. (I hate it.) I could be a good learning tool for my classmates. haha

Goodnight bloggy friends!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Good Morning World

That sounds like a really happy, chipper intro but honestly I am just thinking of an episode of Spongebob. Yes, he wakes up, throws the covers off and says "Good morning world and all who inhabit it!" This is not how I feel this morning however. I am tired! I have a lot of things to do including get ready for a class today. I love Wednesdays because my class isn't until 1. I leave early though and study a little at school. This morning I wish I could crawl back under the covers and forget the world. That sounds pretty nice right about now.

Things have been going well. I did get a call from my oncologist's office. They need to reschedule my follow up appointment. Actually I have been stressed because I haven't known how I will make them. I have class every single day. I can't miss a day. There is just too much work to be done. I would miss so much material. So it would set me back a lot. I am hoping to reschedule for during my spring break. The appointment will be a good month late though. That's not good but I don't know what else to do. It's going to be difficult balancing those appointments since they are full day things. I have to do it however. Those checkups are very important!

Well I'm off to get ready. Wishing everyone a great day!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Got a Letter Today

I was asked to be a part of the National English Honor Society from my last college! I don't know that I can do it, since I no longer go there, but they DID send me the letter. They said that in recognition of my academic achievements they are extending an invitation for me to join. It says it honors students like ME (haha) who have demonstrated excellence in both English and overall scholarship. I have always gotten A's in my English classes. MOST other ones but no I am not perfect. I haven't gotten all A's. However I am very honored about this. It's pretty cool. I'll hold on to this letter regardless of what I choose to do.