Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Gabbi is Five

Gabriella is now 5 years old. As of November 17th. She had a great birthday. I took her roller skating with family and friends. She wasn't so great at it, but she's learning! I've been working now for almost 9 months. Tine flies and no one realizes what I've been through unless I tell them. You wouldn't know it if you saw me.
I had my official 5 year checkup and I'm still cancer free. I feel great!
Here are some pictures of Gabbi's birthday! And one of her and her kitty Villain cause it's cute!


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Note! Villagephotos disappeared randomly. My pictures are NOT working that I have linked. I had to file a BBB claim with them for money they continued to charge me, regardless of the fact their site is now gone. I lost well over 1000 pictures with them!