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Friday, September 11, 2009

Gabbi Update

She ate the Cheese Nips yesterday around 10:30....began puking around 11:15 and stopped around 1:30 p.m. After that things got better. She is doing well today. I was very upset yesterday. I was greeted by a lot of the ladies at the daycare with TONS of apologies today. I appreciated that really. Anyway here are a few pics of poor Gabbi after the reaction. She gets very lethargic while it's happening. It's a frightening experience. She felt horrible and kept laying her head by me but not wanting to sit down.

Notice the glazed look in her eyes. It's hard to tell but it's there. She fell asleep here and didn't throw up after that.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Mad and Crying!

I am so so mad right now. You remember when Gabbi first started going to the daycare they allowed her to get a Vanilla Wafer and eat it. Well she began having diarrhea later that night until the next morning. I wasn't sure if it was connected or not and her milk allergy test came back ok. We still weren't sure though. Well we know for sure now. Something was wrong with that test or it just did not pick up on it. She can NOT have milk. I mean at all! She got sick out of the blue on the way home. She was smiling then puking on herself. Now she is tired and puking more. I called the daycare and they said absolutely she had nothing with milk. Then I got a call back. Ooops...they were wrong. She got a hold of another kids cheese its. CRAP! See her reaction is always the same. I thought it had to be milk. I cried on the phone with them. My baby is puking on herself, turning red on the way home because of this mistake! What if it were a peanut allergy? I am so mad. I am crying and upset. The director of the daycare called back and said she fired the girl who has been responsible for the incidents....but it doesn't make my baby better....or take away the night of puking she'll have and the diarrhea that is sure to follow or the stomach aches or the fact that I'll be up with her all night! :(

*EDIT to say I never really felt like the milk allergy was gone and recently I have learned it is pretty common for it to come up negative. I still hear that most people outgrow it by 3. I have NO doubt as her mom that this is milk. It was always milk and when eliminated from her diet she can eat anything else. I mean anything. It's the only thing that does this to her. I even had written a letter to the daycare about her allergy and how sick she gets. I told them on the forms....I told them in a separate letter. I told them again and again and I always felt they were not being diligent enough. Other kids strolling around wherever they wanted with cups of child was eating a donut walking around. I get that other kids have the right to eat but we all as parents know kids will put that down and another will pick it up. That could be fatal with a peanut allergy. I really think food and drink times need to always be designated times, not random when everyone is running around. Not at a daycare. I am still very upset and on the verge of tears. Gabbi fell asleep. I pray she does not throw up again.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Thank You Everyone!!!

I had a good time doing that interview yesterday. I was honored to do it and got very anxious and excited to tell mine and Gabbi's story in yet another format. I have become very involved in just getting out that pregnancy and cancer can indeed coincide. We cannot get around that fact anymore. I don't think ignorance is bliss. It knocks you for a loop when it happens to you or someone you know and love. I think also the fact that chemotherapy shockingly can be given during pregnancy is something that needs to be told. If I can spare one woman or spouse the fear of the unknown that I felt I have done my job. I want it to be more common knowledge that this can happen but it doesn't mean the end for you or your baby. I don't want women thinking they have no choice but to terminate their pregnancy. I knew in my own case I would have gone into a terrible depression. I knew it wasn't an option for me. I had to beat it.

All this is the point of my blog now. I tell my story and I tell about Gabbi and how she is growing up but it's all a part of it. When I was still pregnant going through chemo seeing older children who had been through it was one of my greatest comforts. I saw them happy and healthy 2 or 3 years after birth. How amazing! Well if Gabbi's chunky little cheeks can bring hope to one person it gives me a feeling of a job well done.

I am thankful to all those who reposted, linked, retweeted or in any way shared our story. I do feel like those who have helped share our story are part of it all. You are helping spread the word. How many people have you told that you can safely have chemo during pregnancy? That is one more person who knows, one less person who has to endure that terrible fear just by spreading this information down the line. It can't heal that person or guarantee anything but it brings hope. Hope is what I do. It's all I hope to give. It's why I want to be an oncology nurse.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Trying to Embed the Player

I want to make this easy for anyone who wishes to hear the interview. I believe that I can embed the player and it should update to whatever is playing at that time. I think! haha Here goes.

Pregnant With Cancer - One Womans Courageous Journey

Pregnant With Cancer - One Womans Courageous Journey

Shared via AddThis

I believe I misspoke yesterday. I realized the show is out of the UK so the 8:30 air time is probably THEIR time and the 3:30 time is Eastern time and 2:30 CST. I don't think it "re-airs". I actually believe you can probably go back to that site after it airs and listen to it whenever you want. I looked through old shows last night so my guess is it will be saved on their site. I'll post a link to that later. :) Please tune in today!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Tomorrow I am Being Interviewed. You Can Tune In!

I was asked by blogtalkradio to do an interview on my whole pregnant with cancer experience. I agreed and the show is set up for tomorrow! I am pretty excited. I would love for my readers to be able to tune in and hear the story directly from me. I am honored to be asked and I'd be honored if you all, my readers would listen in. Share and post the link! Tweet it. Get the word out. Thank you all!

Tune in here:

*EDIT to tell you it is at 8:30 p.m. and 3:30 p.m Eastern time. I am Central Standard so for me and my family around here we'll be tuning in at 2:30! I guess they replay it later so if you miss it you can catch it later. That is the info she gave in the e-mail. I think this will be fun. I hope you can all tune in.

Had a Great Weekend

I didn't really want to go far this weekend for fun because little Gabbi has been teething and therefore not too happy at night. It's odd how all day long she is all sunshine and roses but after just a couple of hours in bed she is awake, grumpy and hurting. I am positive it's her teeth. I gave her teething tablets at bedtime along with a little Motrin and she slept like a baby. OK. You know what that is the dumbest "saying" in the world isn't it? haha Anyone who has a baby knows that statement was created by someone who never had a baby. They don't sleep well at all. The point though is she seems better. Now if only those teeth would cut through the gums!

I ended up staying home on Friday night but Saturday I hung out with some very good friends. I recently made a new friend who I just instantly clicked with. I love her to death! We have a great time together. It's nice to find someone who is really just so much like you. We went out and had fun and then last night she came over and another friend came over as well. There were more people that were supposed to come but I think everyone was tired from the weekend. It happens! We had fun anyway. I was glad to have the chance to let off some steam after a very tiring week.

I have to point out this is my first year back at full time school since being sick. I don't have the energy I once had. I know I can get it back but you see, I spent a year in bed. I lost any muscle tone I had built up. It kills me thinking about it. I worked so hard to get in shape but then ended up lying up in bed for so long. Now I get tired much more quickly. My feet get numb and turn blood red when I walk for long periods of time. I feel like everyone can see my red feet. haha I elevate them and they instantly go back to normal. I get some shock sort of sensations in the feet too when I walk a lot. I know I need to do it anyway. It's a matter of time and eventually I believe I'll feel as healthy and in shape as I once did. I need to join a gym and really start working out again. I feel it may be the only thing to really help me.

I am going to do homework now and hopefully relax with the hubby tonight. Enjoy the pics from my weekend! :)