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Monday, February 14, 2011

Skechers Shape Ups?

Ok. So I have been eyeing these shoes for quite a long time now. I am thinking I want to try them out. I would like opinions. Have you tried them? If you have, what did you think? I kind of like the idea that they would help shape the butt, but honestly that's not my primary reason for wanting them. I just kind of like them. I like the look. So, if you have opinion, let me know. I may or may not buy them based on these opinions.

Here is a pair with a pink ribbon on it for breast cancer awareness. I like these too.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's Day, What Is Your Opinion?

I am not really even sure what I think about it. I don't hate it like some people do. I think the hate of any holiday is just silly. Like it or don't like it. Celebrate it or don't celebrate it....but honestly if you sit around proclaiming your hatred of it then I kind of wonder if there isn't more there. I understand if you are single, or divorced or just in between relationships why you might just want the holiday to come and go. I can understand if you are in a problematic or awful relationship why you wouldn't want to even think about a day of "love". If you get right down to it though, the problems are there whether Valentine's Day exists or doesn't exist. It may be easier to not think about it I suppose.

As for gifts for Valentine's Day I can honestly say I don't care that much. I have never needed jewelry or flowers. I am not saying I haven't gotten them...I am just saying that it wouldn't matter. I believe that a woman should get a gift for the guy as much as the guy is expected to get a gift for the woman. I don't think guys should be left out of this holiday. I don't think they should be expected to spoil the woman and have nothing in return at all. I think if you celebrate it that it should be mutual. But having said all of this, I can honestly say if you love someone that it is a continuous thing anyway. Whether or not there is a day to say it and exchange gifts to me is irrelevant. I don't dislike the holiday but I don't really acknowledge it that much. I used it as an excuse to go out and spend some money on a really nice dinner with the hubby last night! That's good enough for me ;)