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Monday, February 14, 2011

Skechers Shape Ups?

Ok. So I have been eyeing these shoes for quite a long time now. I am thinking I want to try them out. I would like opinions. Have you tried them? If you have, what did you think? I kind of like the idea that they would help shape the butt, but honestly that's not my primary reason for wanting them. I just kind of like them. I like the look. So, if you have opinion, let me know. I may or may not buy them based on these opinions.

Here is a pair with a pink ribbon on it for breast cancer awareness. I like these too.


Unknown said...

If you really want them for a workout NGR will do a lot more for you. The other toners like Skechers etc will give you better balance and help you stand straighter but the NGR (no gym required) have removable weights and give you an actual workout.

If you go with NGR, get at least one size larger as they run small. The mini diva had to get 2 sizes up.

MaryAnne said...

I got a pair about a month ago, and I really like them, so far. I think they're comfortable (that was my main motivation buying them, plus I thought they were kind of cute).

Sandi said...

thank you both. I hadn't heard of the NGR. I do want to get a workout. However I also want a shoe I can wear casually as well. I might end up looking into those as well. If it really helps that much I might just have to! I need it. summer is coming and if it helps burn a few more calories, not to mention helping my posture I think I'm sold.

Ferd said...

Oh, this is too funny.
I just posted about my new running shoes! Ha!

I don't know anything about your Sketchers, other than they're cute! :-)

Beth Ann said...

I am just now finding this post and you for the first time. HI!

About these shoes....oh my goodness! I feel like I'm walking on air. They are so comfortable that wearing regular tennis shoes make me feel like I'm walking around with bricks on my feet compared to these! I will never buy a pair of regular tennis shoes again. Costco has them in Palm Springs for $49.99. I love them. Unfortunately I doubt they have shrunk my butt, but they sure are comfy! :)