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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Life Changes and Positive Thinking

I am going through some major things in my life right now. I have already dealt with a lot yes, but I am also going through some changes that are pretty much right up there with the hardest I have dealt with. I am reminded to think of the positive things in my life by a good friend. I have had a lot of heartache, and sadness but maybe I focus on that too much. I guess it's understandable to a point. I have had a lot of trials. That's not all my life is though. I beat cancer which IS positive and HUGE. I am proud of that. I went back to school and got a bachelor's degree. That's also a big thing. I'm an RN which is a huge dream come true. I have a great sister who is my best friend and has stood by me through thick and thin, even if it wasn't always easy.

My life isn't a sad story but it's a story of me overcoming the hard things life tries to throw at me and consistently overcoming them, one at a time. I lost my dad, it's a sad thing, but I remember him and I'm happy. I know he would want it that way. I have a big family which is at times difficult to handle because rumors and lies spread like wildfire. On that same note? I am proud of having a huge family. I'm proud that my grandfather was a preacher and now my uncle is. Ok there are a lot of them but they preached and currently preach at the church I attended. I was once a Sunday school teacher, a lifeguard, a writer for a newspaper and more! I love working with people and helping them. I have focused too hard on the negatives for entirely too long. It's time to focus on the happy things in my life and move forward. I'm still currently struggling with that because of current issues in my life but I am promising myself today I will be making changes for the better, starting today.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Fixed! Blog Back in Action

First of all, who hacks a blog about being pregnant with cancer?? Who out there thinks their page is more important than helping someone who gets a diagnosis of cancer in pregnancy? Not sure but you know it really irritates me! I messed with html forever. I tried so hard and then along came a reader who commented with the solution. A piece of code was in a "recent comments" widget. I removed the widget and magic! It's back. I am sooo glad. I have missed my blog and my readers. Stay tuned! I'm making wacky cake tonight.