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Monday, September 7, 2009

Had a Great Weekend

I didn't really want to go far this weekend for fun because little Gabbi has been teething and therefore not too happy at night. It's odd how all day long she is all sunshine and roses but after just a couple of hours in bed she is awake, grumpy and hurting. I am positive it's her teeth. I gave her teething tablets at bedtime along with a little Motrin and she slept like a baby. OK. You know what that is the dumbest "saying" in the world isn't it? haha Anyone who has a baby knows that statement was created by someone who never had a baby. They don't sleep well at all. The point though is she seems better. Now if only those teeth would cut through the gums!

I ended up staying home on Friday night but Saturday I hung out with some very good friends. I recently made a new friend who I just instantly clicked with. I love her to death! We have a great time together. It's nice to find someone who is really just so much like you. We went out and had fun and then last night she came over and another friend came over as well. There were more people that were supposed to come but I think everyone was tired from the weekend. It happens! We had fun anyway. I was glad to have the chance to let off some steam after a very tiring week.

I have to point out this is my first year back at full time school since being sick. I don't have the energy I once had. I know I can get it back but you see, I spent a year in bed. I lost any muscle tone I had built up. It kills me thinking about it. I worked so hard to get in shape but then ended up lying up in bed for so long. Now I get tired much more quickly. My feet get numb and turn blood red when I walk for long periods of time. I feel like everyone can see my red feet. haha I elevate them and they instantly go back to normal. I get some shock sort of sensations in the feet too when I walk a lot. I know I need to do it anyway. It's a matter of time and eventually I believe I'll feel as healthy and in shape as I once did. I need to join a gym and really start working out again. I feel it may be the only thing to really help me.

I am going to do homework now and hopefully relax with the hubby tonight. Enjoy the pics from my weekend! :)

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Sandee said...

Enjoy your evening with hubby. I hope Gabbi gets done with the teething soon too. I so remember. Poor little baby.

Have a terrific day. :)