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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Missing a Child

That's right. I am missing one. She's at camp! I miss her. She called just before dinner to check in and I am glad she did. She got teary eyed when I told Gabbi to say "Hi Lexi" and it came out kinda like "Hi Beki" It's cute. Lexi loves her little sister. She's a great big sister actually.

Other than missing my oldest daughter things aren't going too bad. I got some paperwork filled out today for my nursing college. I still have much to do. I need copy of my birth certificate. It's one of those certified ones that cost money, I have to show my ID and fill out a form for. It's not like I can just submit it online either. It's not that simple. I can fill out the form online, make a photo copy of my ID and fax it all over...but come on. I think I would rather drive the 25 or so miles to the courthouse and just do it person. I need last year's W2 and tax return. It's a lot of paperwork and that's just to make sure I can qualify for any financial aid. I can't quite afford $15000 a semester, no matter how much I'd love to be able to. This is not including what I already have had to do for the local college I am attending for prerequisites this fall. I am so insanely busy you know? But today I took it easy. I woke up with a terrible ache in my neck so that I could not turn my head to the right at all. I wanted nothing more than a nap today. Thinking about it all makes me want to nap right now!!

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Sandee said...

I remember the camp weeks each summer. Everyone missed everyone until three minutes after I got back home and then things were back to normal.

Sorry about your neck. I just hate that.

Have a terrific day. :)