Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Finally, we are getting some sun. I had to add this because we have been just getting tons of rain here in the midwest from hurricane Ike. At least I read it was because of that. There were some tornados as well. The other night I put my middle child in the tub and came out into the living room. Gabriella was already asleep. I noticed I heard a siren. It's not unusual for the siren to go off because of a fire or accident but this siren was steady...not letting up at all. I opened the front door and sure enough it was the tornado warning. We get a whole lot of watches in this area but for a warning to occur it means something has been spotted. I was a little scared and quickly turned on the news. It was our county but not our town. They had spotted rotation in the clouds. I informed my daughter to get out of the tub. I had no idea it was even raining so hard. The warning passed finally but I was ready after that in case we had to rush to the basement. We have a nice basement thankfully and got no water at all in it. I'm so happy the sun is back and the mud can perhaps start to dry up! I love thunderstorms but I've had my fill for awhile. :)

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